Neo-marxist radicals screaming for violent revolution against white people


This is what the intellectual cancer of neo-Marxist ideology does to a person,

She’s openly calling for the expropriation of and violence against white people.  Not exactly an eloquent battle cry for liberal tolerance and inclusiveness.  I think the white people she so derides are the ones who need “safe spaces“.  The tragedy in all of this is that she’s imprisoned by and is promoting the very neo-Marxist and collectivist ideology that arrested the development of and ultimately destroyed the black community in America (and is in the process of destroying the white community).  If only such hardened and unthinking ideologues and revolutionaries would take the time to carefully study the works of courageous and thoughtful men like Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell and start the process of reconnecting with objective reality.  That way, we could get back to having fruitful discussions and debates about how to best live in harmony with the casual and moral structure of objective reality.