The false left/right dichotomy imprisons the mind


The so-called political left appears trapped by a simple and self-righteous political cosmology. It’s them – the hope and love Left – versus everyone who doesn’t agree with them – the hate filed Right (also derided and dismissed as fascists and Nazis).  Such a simplistic and self-aggrandizing cosmology provides no room for granting humane intentions to those you disagree with and for facilitating serious analysis by drawing important distinctions between paleo-conservatives, neo-conservatives, libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, classical Marxists, cultural Marxists, Fabian socialists, classical liberals, neo-liberals, etc.  It’s them – full of love and tolerance – versus everyone who disagrees with them – full of hate and intolerance.  Not surprisingly, such a false and arrogant view of the world inclines one toward absurdity, emotional instability and aggressive violence,

If that wasn’t enough, now we have the menacing spectacle of the so-called left’s latest descent into madness in the form of a prominently featured article in Ireland’s Village magazine that seriously entertains the assassination of the “tyrant” Donald Trump.  Be sure to read the article and behold the image of Donald Trump’s head with a sniper’s bulls-eye on it, as it provides a window into the demented thinking of the tolerant and loving left.  The sad irony of neo-Marxist, leftist radicals, who loathe the natural law, invoking St. Thomas Aquinas, Catholic saint and the greatest natural thinker of all time, as their intellectual guide to the assassination of the so-called tyrant Donald Trump, in part for his opposition to abortion and open borders globalist immigration, is so ludicrous as to not merit further comment.  To the contrary, Aquinas, were he alive today, given his uncompromising commitment to right reason and Catholic theological and moral teaching, would have thought Obama the tyrant and Trump, for all his many faults, a potential force for a return to right order.