Actually, the revolution is getting loud


The quiet revolution against God, man, family, property and nation has been going on for decades.  With the election of President Trump, the gradual and quiet revolution is picking up pace and becoming increasingly loud, violent and ugly, with the latest example being the brutal attack of a UC Berkeley student for wearing a MAGA hat.  Indeed, from across the so-called political left and democratic party, a chorus of irrational voices is calling for impeachment proceedings, a military coup, and even President Trump’s assassination!

With the above in mind, it’s time for authentic liberals – who still prize rational debate, the search for truth, and the common good of the Republic – to face the reality that the political left and the democratic party have been hijacked by neo-Marxist thugs and to start speaking out and acting against all the insanity, insanity that threatens to boil over into open warfare.  This is a shining opportunity for authentic liberals to reassert themselves and reclaim their movement and party.  Failure to do so will only cement their reputation for being dupes.