President Trump’s Foreign Policy: Where are Things Heading?


President Trump’s inaugural address indicated a return of sorts to the non-interventionist foreign policy advice of the founders and opposition to the globalist, new world order agenda of the oligarchs.  Some thoughtful commentators, like Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams, however, fear that President Trump’s actions thus far in office reveal that his foreign policy, contrary to what he promised, will simply be business as usual.  Thierry Meyssan, on the others hand, thinks Trump is making good on his promise to radically re-orient America’s foreign policy.  Many American’s supported President Trump because of his foreign policy promises and are going to hold his feet to the fire to deliver.  Three things to keep when trying to read the foreign policy tea leaves are (1) there’s a lot of inertia in government and the President doesn’t have full control over the bureaucracy, (2) President Trump’s rhetoric often flip flops, and (3) actions speak louder than words and results speak louder than actions.