Stages in the revolt: From feminism, to trans-genderism, to trans-humanism, to post-humanism


The feminist revolution is old hat; the gender revolution is all the rage.  As proof, behold the National Geographic special feature, The Gender Revolution,

The picture on the right is conspicuous in that a normal female is not included in the photograph.  Given the planning and resources devoted to a special issue and picture shoot, especially on such an important subject, one has to wonder what the message of female exclusion is.  Could it be a subtle “announcement” that the feminist phase of the neo-Marxist cultural revolution is over and the gender phase has commenced?

Indeed, some self-styled “radical  feminists” are less than happy with the gender revolution and are starting to say that the so-called gender revolution amounts to a war of sorts against females and women,

Tucker And A ‘Radical Feminist’ Blast Holes In Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Laws

There’s definitely some truth to what’s said in the above linked interview and, given that ideas have consequences, there can be no doubt that the gender revolution will impact and upset the order many feminists have being working over the decades to establish.  For example, by the internal logic of gender ideology Barack Obama could have been our first black and female president!  No need for Hillary!

Ironically, it can be argued that radical feminist ideology – with its irrational insistence on the interchangeability of the sexes,  on decoupling sex, intimacy and procreation, and its attack on the sacredness of the womb and human life – provided much of the intellectual and cultural nourishment needed for the very gender revolution which ultimately threatens the aims, objectives and accomplishments of radical feminism!

An even deeper historical, philosophical, scientific and Biblical perspective suggests that the endgame of the neo-Marxist feminist and gender revolutions – an endgame that would actually shock many of the revolutionaries themselves who are unthinkingly advancing it – is to upend and abolish God’s binary, biological design for human sexuality and pave the way for an androgynous and hauntingly cold trans-humanist and post-humanist future,

The End Game Of Feminism And Cultural Marxism Is To Eliminate Sex Differences

Robots To Breed With Each Other And Humans By 2045


With the above in mind, it seems the revolution can be tentatively divided into at least four stages, with the first two aimed at transcending sex and the second two aimed at transcending biology,

  1. Feminist stage – radical equality between man and woman
  2. Transgender stage – merging of man and woman into androgynous beings
  3. Transhumanist stage – merging of androgynous beings with robots
  4. Post-humanist stage – rise of the machines

We are arguably living somewhere during the end of stage 1 and the beginning of stage 2. Stage 3 or the singularity is supposed to come to pass around 2045,

I, for one, hope to be dead and eternally in Heaven (or at least transitioning through purgatory) by 2045.

In closing, I suppose all of this is the latest manifestation of the creature revolting against his creator and trying to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and become a god on his own terms.  Actually, it’s all being pursued on another creatures terms,

But that’s a story for another time.