Berkeley Riot, How & Why


Here’s an interesting and disconcerting analysis of the Berkeley riot,

Somebody should explain to the communist and socialist rioters that Nazism and fascism are left-wing, error-ridden, authoritarian, collectivist, God-hating, natural law defying, group identity obsessed, over-promising and under-delivering ends-justify-the-means violence prone ideologies – just like  communism and socialism.  Heck, Nazi stands for National Socialist German Workers Party and Mussolini was a one time leading Italian orthodox Marxist. The fight between all the “isms” is over “internationalism” versus “nationalism”, specific tactics, methods and policies, and various arcane.  Fundamentally, It’s a dysfunctional family squabble, a fight between deranged brothers, a fight between competing mob families.  They should further explain that American conservatism – at least the authentic conservatism of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk, rooted as it is in the natural law and particular and organic historical experiences of a people – is the polar opposite (and the same obviously goes for 19th century “individualistic” classical liberalism).

To go deeper, see the article Hitler and Mussolini: History’s Dirty Little Secret, by L.K. Samuels