Was General Flynn purged by the deep state?


General Flynn is out at NSC.  As far as I can tell, the good general pissed off the deep state and NWO crowd and all but painted a target on his back when he (1) blew the whistle on the Obama administration making a “willful” decision to facilitate the rise of Islamic terrorism (ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria , (2) made it clear that he, like President Trump, wants to pursue peaceful relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and (3) helped Donald Trump take the presidency away from the deep state’s handpicked choice, Hillary Clinton.  With that background in mind, here are three analyses that are well worth watching about the deep state purge of General Flynn and the larger war that’s being waged against President Trump, his administration, and, by implication, the American people who voted Mr. Trump into office.

Worth noting is that the lust for money is not all that drives the deep state and oligarchs. Rather, the lust for total power and control over their fellow man and nature and the desire for a new world order –  a world order made in their image and likeness and not God’s – is what impels them, consciously or unconsciously, on to ever-increasing heights of evil and irrationality.