The Deep State Plot Against President Trump Revelaed to the World


Serious researchers have known for quite some time that the version of American government taught in the government schools is self-serving propaganda and plain old bullshit designed to placate the people and distract them away from the crimes of their “democratically elected” oppressors.  What a surprise – Caesar uses his schools to produce obedient Romans.

For decades the elites and their minions worked carefully and quite successfully to maintain the appearance and external form and trappings of constitutional government while, in reality, they ran the country and the world from behind the scenes like criminal thugs.  A minority of critical and courageous researchers manged to get at and expose the truth, only to be derided and dismissed as conspiracy theorists by the conspirators themselves and their lackeys.

But with the rise of the internet and election of Donald Trump, all that has changed.  For it has become increasingly obvious to millions of Americans that, indeed, beneath the pretty and impressive surface there’s a nasty and avaricious bug in Washington that needs to be fumigated.  That bug has many parts and is called by many names – the deep state, the oligarchs, the establishment, the power elite, the globalists, the NWO, etc.  President Trump, in his own oftentimes clumsy and inelegant way, has promised to start fumigating the bug.

But bugs fight back.  And if there was any doubt that the deep state bug is waging an illegal and unconstitutional war against President Trump and the millions of people who voted for him, there can no longer be any doubt.  For the deep state and it’s minions have come out of the dark for the world to see,

There you have it.  In his arrogance, Bill Kristol just brought the deep state bug into the light.  Importantly, bugs tend not to survive for too long in the light.  Time will tell if the bug can scurry back into the dark before the fumigator begins his work.