Interview With Former Communist David Horowitz


David Horowitz, like President Obama, was raised a neo-Marxist.  Unlike President Obama, Mr. Horowitz escaped from the Marxist cave that had imprisoned his mind and managed to find a glimmer of light.  I remember reading and profiting from Mr. Horowitz’s autobiography, Radical Son, in which he describes his intellectual liberation from the shackles of neo-Marxist ideology.  I parted company with Mr. Horowitz during the two terms of Bush the dumber, as he supported the Bush Regime’s aggression against Iraq and the rise of the surveillance/security state while I opposed them.  I also dismissed his thesis that radical Islam and the American left were uniting in a common cause against Western Civilization.  However, with the Obama regime’s support of Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria (I’ve documented this elsewhere) and the resulting immigration madness in Europe and here at home,  I am opening up to Mr. Horowitz’s paradoxical thesis – that radical Islam and the ideological and political left are joining forces in the ongoing rebellion against the logos.  To Mr. Horowitz’s thesis, I would add yet another paradoxical layer of actors who seem to play a fundamental role in surreptitiously organizing and financing the rebels – the globalist power elite.  I would also subtract the Republican party as the good guys in the fight.  Anyhow, let’s let Mr. Horowitz talk for himself,