Th World Government Summit that Nobody Knows About and Where the Elites Talk About Becoming Cyborgs


Did you know President Obama gave the 2016 keynote address to the World Government Summit in Dubai?  I didn’t.  Interesting that the media didn’t give it much coverage.  Maybe they don’t want a national debate about what exactly is meant by “world government”.  And you have to love how Obama uses such nice sounding words and phrases – universal human rights, the rule of law, education, etc.  Unfortunately, the words and phrases have been robbed of their original meanings and invested with new, neo-Marxist and globalist ideological meanings.  And the new meanings basically boil down to: human rights and the rule of law are what ever we say they are and they tend to be the opposite or inversion of what people like Thomas Jefferson thought of as rights and law.  But that’s a story for another day.  What’s of more immediate interest is the “jbber jabber” among the self-anointed and Godless elites about how human beings are becoming irrelevant and need to merge with machines and become cyborgs,

The long-term project of the power elite, whether they fully realize it or not, amounts to erasing the image of the Father in man – the imago dei – and replacing it with the image of their father.