Two Articles Worth Reading


Here are two perspectives that are worth reading and critically analyzing,

  1. Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin reminds us to reject the false left-right paradigm, to be seekers of truth and not political or ideological partisans, and to hold President Trump to the the same factual, ethical and legal standards as previous administrations.
  2. Many people have argued that there’s a war being waged between President Trump and the deep state.  Leading deep state analyst Peter Dale Scott, however, speculates that the reality may actually be a fight between factions of the deep state, with Trump representing the so-called right-wing faction of the deep state, headed by big oil and the Koch brothers. His thesis, while intriguing, is primarily supported by disputed and unverified claims by Trump’s enemies, loose connections and affiliations with biog oil and Russia, questionable staff hiring choices, and dead-end FBI investigations.  More importantly, it fails to satisfactorily explain (1) the total opposition of the Koch brothers and Republican establishment to candidate Trump during the Republican primary and their support for his opponents, and the (2) unprecedented and unified hostility against President Trump, including unprecedented and unified hostility from his own party, that includes organized and violent resistance, and open talk about impeachment, coup d’ etas, assassination attempts, and efforts to subvert his administration from elements within the executive branch.  Heck, Bill Kristol, leading neoconservative and member of the so-called right wing Kochtopus, has openly sided with the deep state against Trump!  Talk about a new president missing out on the customary honeymoon period!  His thesis also fails to explain Trump’s immediate action to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which then Exxon Mobile’s Rex Tillerson supported.  Finally, it fails to consider a more nuanced and less conspiratorial thesis – that Trump really is an outsider who’s administration is absorbing and being infiltrated by, for one reason or another, deep state actors, which is what people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Dr. Ron Paul predicted would happen.