Brilliant interview with author Joe Plummer about who rules, why and how


There’s always been and always will be a hidden and largely unaccountable power behind the throne, a power that seeks to shape political, economic and social outcomes without revealing itself.  And that goes for America too, despite what you may have been taught in your high school civics class.  Indeed, for all his faults, President Trump has done humanity a great service by peeling the curtain back, even a bit, and shining some light on the hidden power blocks (the deep state, the globalists, etc.) that seek, very often with a measure of deliberate coordination, to dominate America and the world.

In the interview provided below, researcher and author Joe Plummer discusses his important book, Tragedy & Hope 101, which gives the historically documented back story – as told by Bill Clinton’s mentor, Professor Carroll Quigley – about the sociopathic elites who presume to rule us, their vision, their goals, their methods and tactics, and what it means for us all.  This is a must listen to interview.  Enjoy.