The elites who presume to rule us are sociopaths: the plutonium files


No need for a lengthy introduction.  The elites who presume to rule us are criminal monsters.  The only meaningful differences between them and Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Saddam, etc. is they wear nice suits, kill from a distance, hide behind platitudes and nice sounding rhetoric and commit evil under pretense of good.  Indeed, very often they help to create scum like Hitler, Lenin, Mao and Saddam.  If you doubt this, listen to this interview with journalist Eileen Welsome, author of the Plutonium Files, about how government doctors tested the effects of radioactive materials on innocent, unsuspecting and unwilling American citizens,

Gotta love how the government used the O.J. Simpson case to cover the exposure of their criminality.  And people want to put these freaks in charge of just about every aspect of their lives, including health care!  Wake up America!