The top ten 80s guitarists who never make anyone’s top ten list -3


We’re done with number 2 and now it’s time for number 3 – Mr. Vitto Bratta.  The only full length live concert footage I could find on YouTube was from a show with low quality sound and video from ’88, so I decided to go with some official MTV videos.  Man, does that “Radar Love” video bring back memories!  At the time, lot’s of people accused Vitto of ripping Eddie off.  In my humble opinion, Vitto didn’t rip Eddie off.  Rather, inspired by Eddie, he took “tapping” in new, more fluid and melodic directions and really hit home runs with many memorable leads.


And now for a guitarist who makes lots of top ten lists – Mr. Steve Vai in three evolutionary flavors.

Vai’s great, but I always hated that three neck heart shaped guitar.