International Woman’s day


Apparently, March 8th is something called woman’s day.  To celebrate, let’s quote one of the day’s founding figures,

“In law there is naturally complete equality of rights for men and women. And everywhere there is evidence of a sincere wish to put this equality into practice. We are bringing the women into the social economy, into legislation and government. All educational institutions are open to them, so that they can increase their professional and social capacities.”

Such beautiful and progressive words.  It sounds like something Hillary Clinton might say! You go girl!  You’re the best at everything!  (Of course that leads to a feminist paradox – an entire class of people (women) who are the best at everything being so easily suppressed by comparative idiots (men) on a global scale for tens of thousands of years)

Too bad a murderous thug named Lenin said it.

To all progressives: with a guy like Lenin on your side, maybe it’s time to think outside of the box.  Come to think about it, maybe, just maybe, radical feminism and woman’s day don’t have anything to do with “liberating” women or achieving “equal rights” for them. Maybe – it’s only a suggestion – something more sinister is at work,

Regarding, Ms. Gloria Steinem and her CIA connections,

Trust me, the rabbit hole is deep, very deep.