A whistleblower releases a validated database of alleged illegal NSA spying and the main stream media totally ignores it


The main stream media (MSM) does not cover the news, it covers-up the news.  Their function is not to reveal reality but to conceal it.  The latest Vault 7 Wikileaks dump exposing CIA malfeasance was all but ignored.  Now, a whistle-blower has released an alleged NSA database that contains information about an electronic surveillance dragnet that records over a decade worth of surveillance of President Trump and his close associates, and the MSM is … you guessed it … totally silent.  Instead, we get yesterday’s dog and pony show and the easily exposed lying and stupidity of bureaucrats and political party hacks,

For some real news and analysis – and to get in a more propitious position by which to judge objective reality – be sure to regularly consult the proven journalists and analysts of the alternative media.  In particular, to escape from the MSM engineered la la land, take the time to learn about Vault 7 and the latest NSA spying scandal,