2+2=4 and the deep state is evil and spied on Trump


I have mixed thoughts and feelings about continually providing evidence that the deep state is evil and spied on President Trump (and other innocent people).  And it’s not because the evidence is weak.  To the contrary, it’s because the evidence is overwhelming.  So overwhelming, in fact, that you run the risk of confusing and distracting people away from obvious truths and their implications by cluttering up the discussion with less obvious truths.

The deep state is real.  The deep state pre-dates the Trump administration.  The deep state is evil.  The deep state is arrogant, greedy, ruthless and can leverage vast resources to implement its plans.  The deep state spied on Trump.  After sixty years of thoroughly documented evil on the part of the deep state and public and coordinated attacks on President Trump and his associates by known deep state operatives, these are axioms to be reasoned from, not hypotheses to be critically tested and disputed.  At this juncture, asking for proof of deep state mendacity is like asking for proof that the earth is round.

Unfortunately, some people think the earth is flat.  So, out of a sense of charity, perhaps misplaced, I will continue to pile up the mountain of evidence of deep state evil, especially as it is being directed against President Trump, in the hope that it will help to disconnect at least some people from the matrix and reconnect them with reality.

With the above in mind, I give you a very important article on NSA/CIA whistle-blower Dennis Montgomery,


and last evening’s interview of Lanny Davis by Tucker Carlson,