Interesting “alternative” articles


Here are several articles well worth reading,

The Muller Cover-up

Neil Gorsuch is not another Scalia

Trump now a captive of the deep state

In bizarre reversal, Trump seeks to empower UN

The Rise of the Generals

The Place of Christianity in History: A View from Without

Neil Ty, the scientism guy




The top ten 80s guitarists who never make anyone’s top 10 list – 5

Vitto Bratta claimed spot 4; Akira Takasaki slides into position 5,



You gotta love that Japanese rising sun battle flag!  Here’s a video with singer Mike Vescara,

And now for an 80s rock guitar great who makes lots of top guitarists lists – Mr. George Lynch,

I remember skipping school back in ’86 and watching the premier of that video. Crusin on a flat bed while playing killer riffs through a marshal stack, with Mike Brown ensconced in a drum cage, and babes cheering them on in an open top jeep!  Only in the 80s.

Now for Mr. Scary,

Finally, here’s Lynch’s latest stuff with former Stryper frontman, Miachael Sweet,



Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and video on Trump’s ‘puppet’ war in Syria


No time for commentary, but here’s an interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts that’s well worth listening to,

And for essential background and context, be sure to watch the below video presentation on Trump’s ‘puppet’ war in Syria, a war that’s been on the globalist/neocon agenda since the early 80s,





The evil one and his minions hate man – male and female – the jewel of God’s creation. Hence, their twisted desire to “transcend” and “progress beyond” the “limitations” of race, sex, and biology, imposed on all by the “accidents” of birth and evolution.  Hence, the ferocity of the radical sexual, homosexual, and gender revolutions.  But the revolution is ongoing and a new chapter is opening up – the revolution against human biology and psychology and the advent of robosexualism,

You can learn more here,

It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll be able to convince the average person that people are born robot-attracted and that people who refuse to participate in robot marriages are guilty of “intolerance” and “discrimination” and deserve to be punished.

After all, the “liberal” persecutor will no doubt say that robosexuals, like other people with alternative lifestyles, are “happy” and full of “love” and their relationships are “consensual” and “not hurting anyone” and anyone who get’s in the way is just plain mean!

Tragically, it will never occur to the “liberal” to re-examine, let alone modify or reject, the poorly defined terms and silly premise that breathes life into manifest absurdities like robosexualism.

At the very minimum, get ready for LGBTQR+, where “R” stands for robosexualism and the “+’ sign is a temporary placeholder.



Celebrating Open and Vocal Madness


Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius,

You can read more here:

“Girls can do anything boys can do, only better!”  Something tells me that popular but nonsensical feminist boast is about to bite back.

We are living in open rebellion against nature and nature’s God; we are living in the times of Lot.

It didn’t end well for Sodom, and it isn’t going to end well for us.



Pontificating about income inequality


I always get a kick out of “champagne socialists” and “limousine liberals” – who live in wealthy, all white, gated communities, protected by armed guards – self-righteously lecturing the rest of us about things like wealth inequality, gun violence, social justice, discrimination and the like.  Nothing’s funnier, for example, than watching hypocrites like Al Gore, Obama, Bill Gates, or Leonardo DiCaprio fly into Africa on a private jumbo jet, spend an hour lecturing the natives about the need for them to reduce their carbon emissions by forgoing 19th century technologies like air conditioning, refrigerators and automobiles, and then zoom out to participate in a luncheon discussion in Paris with Elon Musk about building a private rocket to fly to Mars – after uploading their consciousness to the internet – using taxpayer dollars, of course.

A part of me marvels at their ability to take just about everything for themselves, leave basically nothing for everyone else, and convince all involved that their intentions are pure and everyone’s better off because of them.


Anyhow, for the latest example of such madness, have a look at the $12,500 jacket Hillary wore during a talk on ….. income inequality,

These clowns make the pharisees look noble by comparison.

Apparently, the jacket inspired a funny email that’s making the rounds,

I’m not sending this to blast Hillary for giving a speech about inequality while wearing a $12,500 Armani jacket.

I’m posting this to congratulate Armani for being able to sell a potato sack with sleeves for $12,500, which, in this case, holds about 200 pounds of fertilizer.

The creators, beneficiaries, and consolidators of unprecedented, unnatural and unjust income inequality constantly lecturing the proles about the evils of income inequality and the need to do something about it – to thunderous applause.


I continue to wait for people to wake up ….