The endgame: the total degradation of man, the pinancle of God’s creation


The devil and his minions – the “elites” and their unthinking “intellectual”, “political”, “journalist” and “activist” lackeys – want to efface the image of God in man.

One way to accomplish that is to deconstruct and efface male-female complementarity and to attack and subvert the natural family and procreative order.  This strategy has been vigorously pursued by so-called feminists and LGBTQ+ activists, among others. Recently, they achieved their greatest triumphs in the form of so-called homosexual marriage and in making women eligible for combat in the military.  Indeed, with the nomination of lesbian “wife” and “mother” Col. Kristen Goodwin to be the next commandant of the USAF academy, it seems they’ve crystallized and boldly announced their total victory in a single person.

So, now it’s time to move on and fry bigger fish, and the bigger fish they’re looking to fry is nothing less than the “privileged” status of the human person.  Alone among earthly creatures, God created Adam and Eve in His image and likeness and made them the pinnacle of His creation.  The devil hates the exalted status of humanity; hence, his wicked desire to drag man down and lift brute animals, plants and minerals up.

The devil so loves equality!

Sometimes the degradation and “equalization” of man is accomplished in subtle ways – brainwashing students into believing they are descended from a “primordial soup” of lifeless and randomly mixed chemicals, and getting everyone to feel all warm and fuzzy as they “rescue” animals and call their dogs and cats their kids.  Sometimes, humans are degraded in slightly more overt ways, as when women are indoctrinated into dismissing their unborn children as “clumps of cells” and celebrating their “right” to kill them.  But sometimes the devil (and his moronic followers) really goes for broke and he all but announces his plan to invert the created order and drag humanity into the pits of hell,

New York State Court Hears Landmark Chimp Personhood Case

‘Critical plant studies’: Emerging academic genre challenges ‘human’ privilege

Read it.  You and everyone you love are no better than a monkey, plant or rock; ultimately, you are dirt.  Now, think about it; see past your nose; think it through.  It’s all false and the implications are absurd and horrific.  Now, wake-up from your long slumber, reconnect with reality, and start seeking after a life in the Truth, for the hour is late.