Politically correct comic relief that should wake people up but sadly doesn’t


The revolution against God and nature is ongoing.  Typically, it’s sad to view and ponder the wreckage.  Sometimes, however, at least for a fleeting moment, it produces sheer comedy.

Hence, I give you the new comedy reality show – tales of three empowered, liberated, independent, and highly trained Swedish police ladies versus one ornery migrant,

Common sense response: that was pretty funny; having said that, maybe we should reconsider what we are doing with female police officers and male/female relationships in general.

Progressive response: anger; find a video of male cops struggling to subdue a suspect that “proves” men and women are totally equal; forge head with the revolution to forcibly “liberate” and “equalize” everyone and everything.

Of course, further research and analysis would no doubt reveal that three males cops failing to subdue a single criminal is an aberration, while three women cops failing to do so is part of a pattern.  Still further research and analysis would no doubt reveal that the differential male/female pattern is rooted in the rational and complementary genetic, biochemical, physiological, anatomical and psychological designs of the male and female of the species.

By the way, the research has been done – in the laboratory of history.  And the results are pretty conclusive.

But if you doubt the verdict of history and common sense – due to neo-Marxist brainwashing and propaganda – let’s take a look at what happens when the world’s best female athletes compete against Big Mac eating, video game playing, irresponsible, beer drinking, pimple faced boys and average guys.

First, the boys consistently destroy the best women soccer players in the world,

Australia women’s soccer team hammered by teenage boys

Swedish football ladies beaten by teen boys

US Women’s national team looses to under 17 year old boys 8-2

And Billy Jean beating the washed up 55-year-old Booby Riggs notwithstanding, women don’t fare much better against men in tennis, either:

Drunk funnyman beats both Williams Sisters in tennis, in one afternoon

Similarly, without body checking, the best women’s hockey teams in the world still loose to teenage boy’s teams:


Finally, it’s well-known that the best women’s college basketball teams scrimmage against drunken frat boys (that are told to take it easy on the girls), as the frat boys provide better competition for the starters than do the scholarship female athletes on the bench.

These are all examples of the best women athletes in the history of the planet – the cream of the crop – losing to boys, average guys, and a self-described beer drinking goofball.  This is pregnant with implications.  Let’s see if we can flesh some of them out.

First, let’s put all of this in a meaningful historical context.

Black men were the victims of arbitrary and unjust discrimination in sports.  Jackie Robinson crossed the color line on April 15th, 1947.  Within a week, even Boss Hogg had to admit black men were as good as (and even better than) white men in sports.  Black men now dominate much of competitive team sports.  The lesson: arbitrary and unjust discrimination can be easily and quickly exposed and rectified.

The feminist revolution has been running full steam ahead for over one hundred years.  In ’72 we got Title IX and in ’76 the revolutionaries put a girl on the mound to pitch against the boys.  We’ve been raising girls to play sports and be and act like boys ever since.  Similar things have been going on in the rest of the world.  Despite all of this unprecedented and unrelenting top-down social engineering, in 2017 the best female athletes in the history of the world still find themselves outmatched by teenage boys and three female cops can’t subdue to a single (unimpressive) male.

All of this amounts to a near apodictic formal proof – a proof that only reinforces the verdict of history – that female/male exclusion from competition against each other in sports and other areas of intense physical activity is rooted in nature, not arbitrary whim.  Put differently, it amounts to a near certain proof that in some areas of life – especially in those that involve intense physical activity – male/female differences are part of the teleological fabric of reality and that some forms of sex-based discrimination can be rationally and morally justified.

A little more common-sense logical reasoning would yield the conclusion that actively encouraging and celebrating organized girl’s and women’s competitive team sports in a manner like that of boys and men is at best a waste of time and scare resources and at worst positively dangerous.  Indeed, God only knows what girls violently banging into each other on fields of play is doing to their reproductive health, ability to form stable, complementary and procreative relationships with men, and the future  of the species.

Hence, we are forced to conclude that males and females are profoundly different by natural design, that it’s time to re-think treating females and males as if they are interchangeable parts, and that some forms of sex-based discrimination can be justified.

That was once called common sense.

So, what’s the “progressive” and “liberal” response to objective reality?

Double down, encourage female police officers to join infantry battalions, tell female athletes to start taking steroids, insist on drafting girls into the military, redefine what it means to be a women, lower standards, continue cherry-picking freakish aberrations to provide post-hoc rationalizations for manifest ideological insanity, and no matter what, forge head with the not so glorious revolution.

Hence, we start with the funny and end with the sad.