Is the Latest Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Yet Another False Flag?


Amen, according to the paper of record in 2014 the Obama administration certified that Syria’s chemical arsenal had been fully destroyed.

But now the paper of record is reporting that Syria just launched the worst chemical weapons attack in years.

What gives?

The establishment has a theory.  It’s called the HSCSF model.  It holds hat President Assad is Houdini, Santa Claus and Saint Francis wrapped in one.  The model explains his latest decision to launch a chemical weapons attack guaranteed to empower his enemies and do nothing to help him tactically or strategically.

The HSCSF model has been fully testified to by proven liars.

According to the proven liars, the HSCSF model breaks down as follows:

  1. Assad is Houdini in that he magically created sarin gas that he doesn’t have.
  2. Assad is Santa Claus in that despite being on the naughty list, he just gave his mortal enemies the gift they’ve been dreaming about and with impeccable timing – a horrific chemical weapons attack on innocent women and children just in the nick of time, complete with video and audio.
  3. Assad is the saint from Assisi in that he has asked for nothing in return and, in point of fact, has basically surrendered all that he’s accomplished over the last year or so – including an alliance with Russia, putting ISIS on the run, enjoying a potential thawing of relations with the Trump administration, and getting a place at the negotiating table.

Unfortunately for the HSCSF model, President Assad is not Houdini, Santa Claus and Saint Francis wrapped in one; he’s not the selfless gift giving magician so desperately needed by John McCain and his fellow liars.  Put simply, only idiots still believe in the debunked HSCSF model.

So, we’ll have to look elsewhere for a more rational theory.

With that in mind, let’s turn to the only MSM personality who seems interested in the truth.  Tucker Carlson interviewed Republican Senator James Lankford last night about the situation in Syria.  Predictably, Senator Lankford said lots of stupid things and mindlessly parroted establishment talking points.  Tucker tried his best to get a serious discussion going but to no avail.  Alas, you can watch the painful interview for yourself and get a really solid education in logical fallacies in the process.  What you’re not going to get, however, is a rational and honest analysis of the situation in Syria.

Happily, we live in the age of the internet.  So, we can turn to the alternative media for possible answers.  For more thoughtful, independent and critical analyses of the Syrian question, be sure to watch the below videos:


That’s enough for now.  It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a better model than the HSCSF model.  For what ever it’s worth, the false flag model seems like a reasonable one.  Happy truth hunting.