The Left, Trump, the CIA and the Nazis


The Trump phenomena has turned the political left, so-called liberals and progressives, into enthusiastic supporters for all of the unsubstantiated claims of the “intelligence community” and the CIA in particular.  At the same time, leftists are the sworn enemies of Nazis and, indeed, think Trump and his supporters are Nazis.  With the preceding in mind, leftist should know that only a few decades back their new best friend – the CIA – was in bed with their worst enemy – the Nazis,

Then again if you go back a little further into history, leftists will no doubt be happy to learn that the US government made common cause with the good socialist Stalin against the evil Nazi socialists,

Unfortunately, if you go a little deeper into history, leftist will find that the US elites and government they so revere contributed to the rise of the bad socialist Hitler, the Nazi party, and their eugenics program,

Fortunately, if you keep digging even deeper into the past, leftists will be elated to find that the US elites and government contributed to the rise of Soviet communism and its wonderful promise of equality,

Thank God it ended on a positive note – at least for leftists.

However, even leftists will have to admit that was quite a chaotic, confusing and conspiratorial tour through history.

Then again,conspiratorial history is no longer a problem for the leftist mind, as it has uncritically accepted the most ridiculous conspiracy theory in all of history – that Trump “colluded” with Putin’s “hacking” efforts to sabotage something called American democracy.

And ironically, the chaos and confusion were made all but inevitable by modern “enlightened” and “progressive” leftist ideology – God doesn’t matter, there’s no such thing as objective morality, everything is flux, the ends justify the means, and ultimately might makes right.

Reading a few pages of of Aespo’s Fables could’ve told you that much.

Isn’t if fun to step outside of the NPR and NY Times bubble, do some independent research into the past, do some critical thinking, and quickly learn that your ideology and love for humanity makes you “tolerant” and “inclusive” enough to work with such “diverse” people as  Stalin and Hitler – depending on the circumstances of course.