The Deep State Wins But it’s Still Worth Seeking After the Truth about What Happened in Syria


Vietnam.  The mujaheddin in Afghanistan.  Operation Desert Storm.  Operation Desert Fox.  The Kosovo war.  The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.  Operation Iraqi Freedom and the occupation of Iraq.  The war against Libya.  The ongoing war in Syria.  All based on lies.

The pattern continues with Trump and Syria.  General Clark told us what was planned and what to expect.  We voted for Trump to put an end to the madness.  But it looks like he’s contributing to it.

General Flynn is out.  Steve Bannon is out. Tulsi Gabbard is out.  Rand Paul is out.  McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan, Rubio and the globalist warmongers are in.  Trump just launched a cruise missile attack against a Syrian airbase.  Checkmate.  The deep state wins and we lose.

Importantly, the globalists and deep state planned on winning their wars before Russia got involved.  But things haven’t exactly gone according to plan and Russia is involved.  Tragically, the idiots are doubling down.  Let’s hope and pray this doesn’t escalate into war with Russia.

For those who are interested in searching out the truth about what really happened in Syria:

1. Here’s a very interesting and important analysis from Alex Christoforou of the Duran that adds background and detail to the false flag hypothesis,

Was Hillary Clinton behind the transfer of chemical weapons used in Idlib, Syria?

And this RT report is quite interesting and relevant as well,

2. It has to be admitted, however, that the Russian version of what happened is in tension with the false flag hypothesis,

It’s possible that particular Russian version is just plain wrong.  Another possibility is that Assad’s forces bombed the chemical weapons cache that the terrorists used or planned to use in a false flag attack.  Another possibility is the Russians want to de-escalate the situation, a worthy goal that would be impeded by making a formal accusation of a false flag attack.  No doubt there are other ways to harmonize the Russian version with the false flag hypothesis.

With that context, see this analysis by Dr. Michael Rozeff:

3. Syrian Girls’ analysis is always worth listening to,

Whether the false flag hypothesis or mistaken bombing hypothesis is true or false, the available evidence strongly supports the conclusion that Assad did not deliberately order a sarin gas attack, let alone one directed against innocent civilians.

Nobody’s that dumb.

Hence, a US military retaliation is not justified.

Too bad Trump’s not interested in the truth.