Alex Get Off the Trump Train!


Alex is tying himself up in a very complicated and ugly pretzel trying to rationalize what Trump did,

Alex it’s simple, so-called Machiavellian 4D chess notwithstanding.  What Trump did is (1) immoral (at best a rush to judgement in a deadly and costly matter, resulting in the deaths of many people, the destruction of property, and the squandering of American taxpayer money), (2) unconstitutional (he acted unilaterally and without even consulting congress), (3) illegal (he attacked a sovereign nation that didn’t attack the US without UN approval), and (4) downright reckless and stupid (he’s risking frigging war with Russia).

And by the way, hypothetical ends don’t justify murderous means!

If we wanted 4D Machiavellian brinkmanship we would have voted for Hillary and the rest of the neocon and globalist nut jobs.

That’s why Paul Joseph is right to jump the Trump train.

Do you really want to remain on a train that’s now being infested with rats?

Case closed.  Jump the train, Alex.