It’s Magic: From Putin’s Idiot to Presidential Judge, Jury, Executioner and Russia Fighter in Under Three Days


In less than three days, we are expected to believe that the following transpired and that it’s all a good and glorious thing,

Immediate background:

President Trump is accused of being incompetent and of even being Putin’s lover.  The brilliant Fareed Zkaria says that Trump is nothing more than a bullshit artist; the entire establishment is against him; the intelligence community is openly at war with him, even threatening to provide him with false intelligence; Trump is pilloried for openly saying he doesn’t trust the intelligence community and their assessments.  Going against the deep state and establishment, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley make it clear the US has no interest in regime change in Syria, outraging John McCain.

Day 1 – Tuesday, April 4th:

There is a chemical incident in Syria.

Trump, the deep state and the intelligence community go from not trusting each other at all to totally trusting each other

Day 2 – Wednesday, April 5th:

Offering no real evidence, President Trump and his administration formally accuse and convict President Assad of ordering a gas attack against his own people.

Day 3 Thursday, April 6th:

President Trump and his administration formally and unilaterally pronounce sentence on President Assad and execute accordingly  – cruise missile strikes

Russia is pissed.

Immediate aftermath:

A magical transformation has occurred.  The establishment and deep state get what they want.  Regime change in Syria is once again official policy.  Trump is no longer Putin’s water-boy, he’s a great, decisive and courageous leader, ready to stand up to bullies like Assad and Putin.  According to the brilliant Fareed Zakaria, Trump has magically morphed into being presidential.  Everyone in Washington and Wall Street rejoices.  There are no left-wing protests.  There’s only love all around and the enrapturing beauty of cruise missile strikes,

A magical three day transformation of hope, unity and love or the worst politically motivated rush to judgement in recent history with terrifying implications?

Speaking for myself, I’m not sure I want the new love fest to last.