Trump Finally Acts Like a Fascist and Liberals and Progressives … Cheer


We live in a bat-shit crazy world.  Before Trump even ascended to the purple, so-called liberals, progressives and the media were calling him a fascist and organizing and agitating for an anti-fascist revolution.  Now that Trump has actually acted like a fascist, we are treated to thunderous applause or deafening silence by the same progressives and liberals.  Engage in tough campaign rhetoric about illegal immigration and abortion – obvious fascist.  Usurp the roles of  judge, jury and executioner, resulting in death, destruction and the real possibility of war with Russia – cheering and silence.  Then again, so-called liberals and progressives didn’t accuse the last holder of the purple of being a fascist when he appropriated the role of judge, jury and executioner to himself.  In all fairness, it seems pretty obvious that so-called conservatives and Trump supporters would be excoriating Hillary had she wrested the purple, unilaterally rained hell on Syria, and threatened war with Russia.  I suppose such inconsistency and hypocrisy is all but inevitable when party, personality and emotion matter more than facts, logic, sound principle and truth.