Wake up!


Trump said the intelligence community and MSM couldn’t be trusted and are purveyors of ‘fake news’.  The MSM and intelligence community said Trump couldn’t be trusted and is a purveyor of ‘fake news’.  Now, magically, all three propagators of ‘fake news’, having turned on a dime, are filled with mutual trust and are telling the ever-gullible American people that everything they say about Syria and Russia is ‘true news’. Moreover, the new-found friends are laughably releasing “proof” of Assad’s crime, while also calling for an “investigation” into the crime (presumably to obtain super-duper proof of the crime), having already punished the crime.

That’s how honest reporting, due process, and justice works in the bizzaro world of the American Empire.

Folks, there’s a problem here.

Tragically, the average American, who just finished watching the 2004 BCP (Bush- Cheney-Powell) blockbuster, We lied about Iraqi WMDs and got away with it, and the 2013 OK (Obama-Kerry) box office disappointment, We lied about Syria but didn’t get way with it, appear to be lining up to purchase costly tickets to the 2017 film from Trump Productions, We lied about Syria and appear to be getting away with it. Critics have panned the movie but word is the producers and actors stand to make billions.

Then again, there’s still an opportunity, however fleeting, to convince moviegoers to go see the movie, Wake up!.

So far, it’s getting pretty good reviews,

Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence

This “False Flag” in Syria Could Launch World War 3

A Multi-level analysis of the US attack on Syria

U.S. Intelligence Source: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Launched From Saudi Base

Some of the trailers look pretty good, too,

It’ll certainly be interesting to see which movie the American people decide to spend their money on this summer.

Let’s hope they don’t go see the movie that leads to final production of the long dreaded film, Is Armageddon over the horizon.  I heard it has an awful ending.