Pontificating about income inequality


I always get a kick out of “champagne socialists” and “limousine liberals” – who live in wealthy, all white, gated communities, protected by armed guards – self-righteously lecturing the rest of us about things like wealth inequality, gun violence, social justice, discrimination and the like.  Nothing’s funnier, for example, than watching hypocrites like Al Gore, Obama, Bill Gates, or Leonardo DiCaprio fly into Africa on a private jumbo jet, spend an hour lecturing the natives about the need for them to reduce their carbon emissions by forgoing 19th century technologies like air conditioning, refrigerators and automobiles, and then zoom out to participate in a luncheon discussion in Paris with Elon Musk about building a private rocket to fly to Mars – after uploading their consciousness to the internet – using taxpayer dollars, of course.

A part of me marvels at their ability to take just about everything for themselves, leave basically nothing for everyone else, and convince all involved that their intentions are pure and everyone’s better off because of them.


Anyhow, for the latest example of such madness, have a look at the $12,500 jacket Hillary wore during a talk on ….. income inequality,

These clowns make the pharisees look noble by comparison.

Apparently, the jacket inspired a funny email that’s making the rounds,

I’m not sending this to blast Hillary for giving a speech about inequality while wearing a $12,500 Armani jacket.

I’m posting this to congratulate Armani for being able to sell a potato sack with sleeves for $12,500, which, in this case, holds about 200 pounds of fertilizer.

The creators, beneficiaries, and consolidators of unprecedented, unnatural and unjust income inequality constantly lecturing the proles about the evils of income inequality and the need to do something about it – to thunderous applause.


I continue to wait for people to wake up ….