US report on Idlib attack ‘misinterprets evidence’, ‘politically motivated – MIT professor Theodore Postel


The US has been using lies and propaganda to facilitate its imperial agenda for at least 100 years.  Not surprisingly, they’re lying again,

Incidentally, why didn’t Trump share his slam-dunk proof of Assad’s irrational fit of chemical evil prior to attacking Syria?  That way he could have (1) built a coalition against Syria and ISIS that would have included Russia, (2) received UN authorization, (3) obtained a congressional declaration of war, and (4) enjoyed the moral high ground against all naysayers.  And the case is so open and shut they could’ve accomplished all four goals and launched a much bigger attack aimed at regime change in, say, five days instead of three.

I think I know why they didn’t take that route.  They don’t really have the undeniable super duper proof they claim to have.  Rather, their so-called proof is a post hoc rationalization that is a tissue of easily exposed stupidity and lies.

I’m guessing the Machiavellian lesson they learned from Bush’s and Obama’s attempts to publicly justify aggressive war based on lies and stupidity is that – surprise – it doesn’t work all that well, and that it’s better to strike first and rationalize later.

Importantly, Dr. Postel’s scientifically derived conclusion converges with what can be known from common sense.