The evil one and his minions hate man – male and female – the jewel of God’s creation. Hence, their twisted desire to “transcend” and “progress beyond” the “limitations” of race, sex, and biology, imposed on all by the “accidents” of birth and evolution.  Hence, the ferocity of the radical sexual, homosexual, and gender revolutions.  But the revolution is ongoing and a new chapter is opening up – the revolution against human biology and psychology and the advent of robosexualism,

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It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll be able to convince the average person that people are born robot-attracted and that people who refuse to participate in robot marriages are guilty of “intolerance” and “discrimination” and deserve to be punished.

After all, the “liberal” persecutor will no doubt say that robosexuals, like other people with alternative lifestyles, are “happy” and full of “love” and their relationships are “consensual” and “not hurting anyone” and anyone who get’s in the way is just plain mean!

Tragically, it will never occur to the “liberal” to re-examine, let alone modify or reject, the poorly defined terms and silly premise that breathes life into manifest absurdities like robosexualism.

At the very minimum, get ready for LGBTQR+, where “R” stands for robosexualism and the “+’ sign is a temporary placeholder.