Has Trump become a swamp creature?


We’ve crossed the magical 100 day mark.  Let’s see where things stand with President Trump.

The big question on (knowledgeable) people’s minds is: is Trump draining the swamp or is the swamp drowning him?

Trump promised to fight the deep state and globalists – the establishment – and ultimately drain the swamp.  But the swamp, with their useful idiots in the MSM, fought back hard, using every dirty trick imaginable – including leveling unsubstantiated allegations of golden showers – in what has been described by knowledgeable insiders as an attempted soft coup.

So, where do things stand?  Is Trump draining the swamp or is he evolving into a swamp creature?

A common sense comparison of his campaign rhetoric and presidential rhetoric suggests he’s evolving into a swamp creature.  For example, on the campaign trail he proudly called himself a nationalist, spoke out against globalism, mocked the UN, talked about getting out of NAFTA, proclaimed the obsolescence of NATO, opposed US wars in the middle east, and talked about getting along with Russia.  He has since reversed or at least qualified and softened his rhetoric, to the point where he now describes himself as a “nationalist and a globalist”.  Mr. Trump has even reversed his rhetoric on Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

But talk is cheap and maybe this is just the expected process of Trump leaving campaign mode and entering governing mode.  As such, let’s look at some “actions that speak louder than words”.

First, Trump has filled his administration with establishment figures with establishment pedigrees; his administration is full of folks from the CFR, Goldman Sachs and other elite organizations and grooming centers.  Apparently, try as he might, he just couldn’t find a place in his administration for genuine outsiders like Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Thomas Massie, Walter Jones, Dennis Kucinich, or Tulsi Gabbard.  Early on this was shrugged off as “Trump keeping his friends close and his enemies closer”.  But this rationalization is becoming increasingly untenable.

The three genuine swamp fighters he did bring into his administration – General Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka –  are either gone or have been sidelined and all but neutralized.  And as the few administration nationalists have been dethroned, administration globalists have been enthroned, with globalist rhetoric from the likes of Pence, Kushner, Ivanka,  McMaster, Mattis, Haley, and Pompeo dominating headlines without any kind of rebuke or censure – let alone demotion or dismissal – coming from President Trump.

Hence, the people who should be part of the Trump Administration are not while the people who should not are.  And the latter group is getting louder and louder without so much as a peep of real protest or disagreement from the President, let alone meaningful action to reign them in.

In terms of policy decisions, it must be admitted that Trump rescinded TPP but that was before the swamp really got going against him.  Since then, on the foreign policy front Trump attacked the sovereign nation of Syria on the flimsiest of pretexts, is assisting the Saudis in their war against Yemen, is waging a brutal battle in Mosul, is contemplating sending more troop into Afghanistan, is steaming a naval armada into the South China sea to confront North Korea, and is demanding the Russians give up Crimea.

On the domestic policy front, he has thus far failed to end Obamacare, failed to de-fund Planned Parenthood, failed to build his border wall, failed to lower taxes, and failed to prosecute anyone from the Obama administration or Clinton gang.  Moreover, Trump is poised to sign a spending bill that sympathetic pundits like Rush Limbaugh are calling a clear victory for Democrats and defeat for Republicans.  And while Trump has made conservative supporters happy with some of his rhetoric and actions in the area of abortion, they are somewhat displeased with his rhetoric and actions on gender and religious liberty issues.

Interestingly, where Trump’s campaign promises essentially line up with the globalist agenda – increasing the military budget and confronting Iran – things appear to be going quite smoothly.

Finally, it’s interesting to note that the ferocious (and comically stupid) deep state and MSM heat placed on President Trump seems to have lifted a bit.  Likewise, former establishment and globalist enemies – people like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, William Kristol Paul Wolfowitz – appear to be warming up to President Trump and his new rhetoric and policy agenda.  It’s almost as if Trump and the globalists have come to an understanding of sorts of how to scratch one another’s backs.

Admittedly, it’s always possible to invent and appeal to unfounded and ad hoc assumptions – Trump’s playing multi-dimensional chess or he’s struggling mightily against the globalists all by himself – to explain away the above facts, make excuses for President Trump, and maintain that he’s draining the swamp as promised.  But the most parsimonious and rational interpretation – the one that allows the facts to speak for themselves – says otherwise and strongly suggests that President Trump is evolving into a swamp creature.

Hence, reasoning like a child allows you to hold onto to Santa Claus and Trump as heroic swamp fighter a bit longer, but reasoning like an adult says it’s time to start asking mommy and daddy for your gifts and it’s time to wake up about the soft takeover of the Trump administration and act accordingly.

Now, it’s possible, however unlikely, that President Trump will indeed get around to draining the swamp and meaningfully advance his promised and hoped for pro-American agenda.  But one factor that appears to make that all but impossible is that his decision to attack Syria makes him a presumptive, or at least plausible, enemy of the Constitution and war criminal – a charge with real teeth that the deep state and globalist can use against him should he stray too much from the globalist agenda.  Put simply, if fake allegations proved useful in bringing Trump to heel, imaging what a credible one can do.

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