Today is the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima


Our Lady of Fatima is arguably the greatest public sign from God in the last 500 years and today is its 100th anniversary.  The Divine message of Fatima, authenticated objectively by prophesy and the miracle of the sun, at its core, is a simple restatement of Gospel truth: repent, pray, sacrifice and adore God for the salvation of souls.  Put more simply: reject the world and return to God.  For more on Fatima, be sure to follow-up on the below videos and articles.

First, the gang at ChurchMilitant provide an excellent historical overview of our Lady of Fatima, followed by a discussion about its spiritual, moral, cultural and political implications, especially as it pertains to the United States, Russia and Islam.

Second, Our Lady of Fatima is presented in contemporary theatrical form in the the movie The 13th Day.  Here’s the trailer,

Third, Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, who was a young adult during the events of Fatima, presented a fascinating historical analysis and reflection on Fatima to his television viewing audience.  Incidentally, it’s amazing to think that as recently as the 1960s America was such a fundamentally christian nation that Bishop Sheen had a prime time TV show.  Anyhow, here’s Bishop Sheen on Fatima,

Fourth, here’s an article by journalist Peter Baklinski from LifeSiteNews that discusses Our Lady of Fatima with an emphasis on its message regarding “sins of the flesh”,

Finally, is God revealing Himself and His plan for humanity – from the birth of Christ to Our Lady of Fatima and beyond – in the astronomical patterns of the night sky?  Patrick Archbold suggests that may the case in his article, Apocalypse Now?  Another Great Sign Rises in the Heavans:

Washington, Manhattan and Hollywood will not tell you the truth about Fatima, for they are the enemies of Fatima.  Happily, in the age of the internet, through our willful cooperation with the grace of God, we can get at the truth and be set free.

If Our Lady of Fatima doesn’t open modern eyes, ears and hearts to the truth about God and man, I dare say nothing will.

Lots of food for honest, humble and prayerfully reflection here.