Cover-up or coup: update 5/19/17


The MSM, deep state and elites in the Republican and Democratic parties are pushing a cover-up conspiracy theory – that Trump conspired with the Russians to “hack” and steal the presidential election.  Critics are countering with a coup theory  – that the deep state, elites and MSM are using dirty tricks – including baseless allegations of Russian collusion – to engineer a soft coup against the Trump administration.

In a previous post, guided by objective standards of scientific reasoning, we tentatively concluded that the cover-up conspiracy theory is warrantless but that the coup theory has considerable warrant.  In particular, the confirmation of four coup theory predictions and the failed predictions of the cover-up conspiracy theory weighed heavily in determining our final conclusions.

Here. we consider a fifth prediction of the coup theory that’s also well supported by observation and analysis.  The prediction follows straightforwardly from the coup theory (which obviously maintains that Trump did not collude with the Russians) and can be put as follows: all attempts to ‘prove’ or ‘establish’ nefarious connections between Trump and the Russians – using evidence of a higher caliber than anonymous leaks – to ‘hack’ and steal the election are fabrications that (under the weight of critical and unbiased analyses) can be debunked or shown to be invalid.  A corollary prediction is that evidence will eventually surface of efforts to frame president Trump.  For the most part, as will be revealed below, this has been the case thus far.

Example 1 – debunking the dossier: -trump-russia-dossier/73944/

Example 2 – debunking the CrowdStrike narrative: (watch from 4:24 – 9:06 minutes)

Example 3 – John McAfee on claims of Russian hacking and Vault 7:

Example 4- report on an alleged effort to frame Trump:

Now most of this will never be seriously investigated or reported on by the MSM (curiously, some it actually gets reported by the MSM – albeit buried on page 50 with a boring headline and without serious discussion or follow-up).  In point of fact, pretty much all of this has already been flushed down Orwell’s memory hole.

Luckily, some of us have memories and care deeply about the true, good and beautiful.

In closing, the rapid fire nature of the allegations, their short shelf lives, and the lack of serious follow-up all but prove that the deep state and MSM can be likened to monkeys throwing shit at a wall waiting for something to stick against Trump.

Tragically, we’re dealing with very evil monkeys.