The coup proven in a single picture


What I attempted to prove in words Time magazine just proved in a single picture,

The soft coup against Trump presented in a single picture.  How can people not see that this is obvious (and comically bad) deep state propaganda – emotional and psychological manipulation – designed to neutralize President Trump and his supporters?  How can people not see that the establishment is totally committed to the NWO plot against free humanity and destroying anything that can potentially get in its way, including Trump’s heroic desire to establish a just and workable peace between the US and Russia.

What a joke.  Too bad it’s a sick joke that’s blocking constitutional governance, the implementation of the just will of the American electorate, and risking war with Russia.

And what really drive me nuts is that none of this propaganda would work if people would turn off the MSM – or at least seek out alternative news and analysis sources to balance the stupidity that emanates from the MSM.

Over the longer term, parents need to reject pharaoh’s so-called schools and find creative ways to educate their children in critical thinking aimed at truth.  Put simply, a nation of people educated in the basic principles of grammar, logic, rhetoric, natural law, constitutional government and the scientific method would never fall for such obvious MSM idiocy.  With that in mind, here are some resources parents can look at to provide themselves and their children with a real education,

Freedom Project Academy:

Memoria Press Online Academy

In closing, here’s a clip that does a nice job exposing the deep state and MSM plot against free humanity and its use of crude propaganda and lies to manipulate public opinion in the service of evil,