Exposing the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda


I hear lots of concerned parents sharing horror stories about their children being exposed to inappropriate sexual material in schools without their knowledge or consent.  The parents are understandably confused by it all, as they don’t fully grasp that so-called sex education is not about enabling parents and children to make moral choices about sex; rather, it’s about using nice sounding phrases and words to divide parents and children and “liberate” the latter to make immoral choices about sex.

For those who doubt this fundamental truth read on.

As a recent example, consider the so-called comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) agenda.  A video, produced by the organization “Stop CSE”, exposes the immoral and nefarious roots, goals and methods of CSE and the way the evil of CSE is being foisted on unsuspecting countries, states and schools under the guise of doing good.  In particular, the video sheds light on many facets of the radical sexual agenda,

  1. The roots of CSE are neo-Knseyist (and ultimately neo-Marxist).
  2. The proximate goal of CSE is the destruction of the natural family and making gobs of money along the way.  And while the video doesn’t cover it in any detail, the ultimate goal of the sexual, gender and feminist revolutions is radical depopulation – culling the human family down to a billion or even 500 million people – followed by the “scientific” micro-management of birth, life and death by an unelected and unaccountable global elite – a brave new world.
  3. The primary means of CSE is to indoctrinate, lure and even coerce children and adults away from healthy, procreative and unitive sexual behaviors and into unhealthy, non-procreative and non-unitive patterns of sexuality.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, the evil CSE agenda – through the manipulation of language, the use of cartoon images, etc. – is sold under the guise of doing good.

The video, provided below, is a must watch for parents, teachers, administrators, and religious and civic leaders:

You can learn more about the evil of CSE and learn about ways to take action against it by visiting the following website:


In closing, the oligarchs want total control over all life from cradle to grave and to get what they want they are using every rotten trick in the book to undermine, subvert and destroy human dignity, male-female complementarity, the natural family, and ultimately nature’s and God’s injunction for men and women to freely marry and bring forth and raise lots of future saints.