Patrick Wood on Technocracy


Bilderberg 2017 is in the rear view mirror.  For some strange reason, the paladins of the true and good in the MSM decided, yet again, not to cover the meeting.  Go figure.  As such, we don’t have the details about what the globalist oligarchs have planned for 2017-2018.  But we know what the basic contours of long term plan are, especially as they have been described over the last 50 years or so by men like recently deceased David Rockefeller and Zibigneiw Brzezinski and the still ticking Henry Kissinger.

Put negatively, the plan calls for the destruction of the city of God – derided by its enemies as the old order – or the city built on God’s natural and self revelation to man. Hence, the globalist oligarchs will conspire with even the most odious of creatures – Chinese commies and the like –  to subvert and destroy the wonderful institutions of family, nation and religion.

Put positively, the plan calls for the creation of the city of man or a new wold order (NWO).  Sold under the guise of good to the unthinking rabble, the NWO will be a demonic age of technocratic feudalism – an age of trans-humanist oligarchs at the top of the social hierarchy breeding, working, placating and killing the masses at the bottom of the hierarchy, with no more concern for their dignity and worth than a modern cattle rancher has for his livestock.

Books have been written and movies have been made, alternatively calling for and warning against the coming age of neo-feudal technocracy.  But still the people sleep.  For those who are awake – or who are in the process of waking up – be sure to take the time to watch and listen to leading technocracy researcher, Patrick Wood: