Vladimir Putin Destroys Megyn Kelly


What would be great to see is a three hour CSPAN interview with President Putin that features spontaneous calls and questions from viewers.  Democracy in action.  That could would really shake-up the deep state and MSM narrative about “Russian hacking” and the like.  A similar interview with President Assad would be similarly enlightening. And that’s why you’ll never see it.  In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for a hostile interview of Mr. Putin conducted by useful idiot, Megyn Kelly,

Boy did President Putin mop the floor with Ms. Kelly, effectively answering all her ignorant and loaded questions and making her look silly in the process.  Watching it, I almost felt bad for her.  The loaded, melodramatic, insulting and unsubstantiated question about the deadly fate that supposedly awaits “critical” journalists who ask too many questions of Mr. Putin got me laughing.  After all, if Ms. Kelly really believed that wouldn’t she be in fear for her own life?  Actions speak louder than words Ms. Kelly.

Anyhow, I’m actually grateful that Ms. Kelly did the interview, for it provided Mr. Putin with the opportunity to drop some knowledge, challenge people to think for themselves, expose the vacuity and silliness of the MSM, and show the American people what sincere, thoughtful, honest and unscripted answers from a political leader look and sound like.