There are only two options: freedom or tyranny


The so-called debate between Republicans and Democrats over health care has got me thinking.  Neither side is arguing for freedom in health care; both sides are arguing over different types of tyranny in health care.  And while they furiously debate trivial details, in principle Democrats and Republicans are united in seeking to grant Washington arbitrary control over the health care decisions of Americans.  And why stop with health care?  For food, shelter, clothing, education and transportation are more basic needs than health care.  So total government control over health care logically translates into total government control over just about every important aspect of life.  Hence, if current trends continue it’s only a question of time and tactics before manifest tyranny entraps us all.

In more philosophical terms, man has but two options: freedom or tyranny.  Freedom means life under the rule of God’s and nature’s law; tyranny means rule under the arbitrary will of the powerful few.  As alluded to above, there is no middle ground. There’s no such thing as coherently mixing freedom – the rule of higher law – with tyranny – the rule of human whim; the inherent contradictions in any so-called middle way must ultimately give way to freedom or tyranny.  Indeed, the so-called middle way is a ruse used by would-be tyrants to trick people into abject servitude.

In broad outline, freedom means decentralized and legitimate authority protecting voluntary and just market exchange and private charity, and also providing for a safety net aimed at empowering the truly unfortunate.

In broad outline, tyranny means the powerful few exercising total control, unrestrained by any higher law, over the lives of the multitude.

The system of freedom can only be sustained by a virtuous people – a temperate, just, prudent, fortitudinous and rational people.  The system of freedom can be likened to hearty and just men and women, harmoniously pursuing their diverse ends, served by rational, humble and accountable authorities dedicated to the common good.

The system of tyranny can only be tolerated by a blindly obedient people, by a people degraded to live as little more than bipedal cattle.  The system of tyranny can be likened to a rabble ruled by knaves, to brutes under the arbitrary control of masters dedicated to their private good.

The system of freedom can only be sustained by sheepdogs; the system of tyranny can only be tolerated by sheep.  The system of freedom means men and women empowering one another to strive for greatness; the system of tyranny means men and women reduced to an undifferentiated mass of drones who live and die to serve the queen.

The choice, then, is a simple one: freedom or tyranny.  The former means the power for men and women to do as they please, subject only to the laws of nature and nature’s God; the latter means the power of the slave-master to arbitrarily rule over his slaves.  Freedom promises happiness; tyranny guarantees unhappiness.

The genius of western, Christian civilization – most notably as expressed in the founding documents of America – provides a general road map to freedom and prosperity.  The destroyers of western civilization – the new world order globalists who presume to rule us – provide a general road map to tyranny and misery.

We are living in a transitional period, with the march toward tyranny getting faster every day.  We can choose to go back to the path of freedom or allow ourselves to be lured into the snares of tyranny.

The tragic irony of it all is the principles of freedom – imperfectly implemented as they were – produced the very advances in science, technology, education and medicine that the tyrants seek to control and redirect to advance their selfish interests.

In closing, you cannot serve two masters.  Get informed, make your choice, and live with the consequences.