Washington run everything


Progressives – otherwise known as neo-Marxist destroyers of civilization – want Washington to run health care.  By implication, for the next 4-8 years a man they think of as a Nazi, Donald Trump, would have the power to coercively micromanage everyone’s health care, including their own.  One would think that alone would get progressives to re-think their fanatical commitment to surrendering to Washington a coercive monopoly over the entire health care system.  Unfortunately, one would be wrong.

How, then, to get progressives to think critically about Washington run health care and alternatives to it?

Maybe pointing out that Washington run health care justifies Washington run everything will get them to reconsider their assumptions.

Consider that food, water, housing, energy, transportation, and education are of more fundamental importance than health care.  Everyone of these goods is upstream from health care; everyone of them is of foundational importance.  Moreover, they include big ticket items, the potential for unexpected catastrophes, and pervasive inequalities.  Hence, if Washington run health care is justified it seems to follow that Washington run food, water, housing, energy, transportation, and education is justified as well.

Heck, it can even be convincingly argued that vacation, recreation, and leisure are more important than health care, especially since they can help keep people out of the health care system.  Hence, Washington’s control over vacation, recreation, and leisure is justified as well.

It looks like putting Washington in control over just about every meaningful area of life is justified.

But, hey, what could possibly go wrong with giving Washington, from which there is practically no appeal and no escape, final and coercive control over every important area of life?

Now, to a mind undamaged by progressive ideology, the absurd conclusion of putting Washington in charge of everything would, at the very minimum, force a critical re-examination of fundamental assumptions.  Such a mind might even take the time to actually read thinkers like Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Hooker, Burke, Madison, Acton, Von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and the like.

But the progressive mind, held captive by silly ideological slogans, doubles down and embraces absurdity.

But I suppose everything will be fine … at least until all those stupid, red state, homophobic, racist, sexist, and deplorable fascists vote the next Nazi into the White House.

Hmm … what to do?

I have the answer!  Let’s put a global government in charge of everything!

That’ll solve all our problems ….




So-called progressives can’t think past their self-righteous noses


In the end you will either worship and follow the God-man or you will worship and follow the man-god.  You will die in submission to God’s reality or in rebellion against it and will be judged accordingly.  So-called progressives openly worship at the altar of the creature and are in full and manifest rebellion against the Creator.  The latest rebellion is against male and female.

Comically, neo-Marxist progressives are so unthinking in their rebellion, more rational people like Tucker Carlson have to point out the absurd implications of their false premises, obvious implications which aren’t even on the progressive radar.  That’s how smug and unthinking these people are.  They don’t even think through their own ideas.

Watch the video interview below about so-called gender fluidity and gender choice for proof of this.  Watch how the pretty, I mean ugly, I mean non-binary, woman, I mean human, I mean entity gets all confused when Tucker asks her the obvious question about extending gender choice insanity to include race,

Such an obvious corollary.  Yet it’s equally obvious she hasn’t given it a moments thought.  I guess in a progressive society we just have to wait to see how the oligarchs make things progress.

These, dear reader, are the useful idiots who are destroying natural and Godly order – and true human freedom and happiness – and paving the way for demonic and synthetic order – total human degradation and slavery.

Incidentally, it’s only a matter of time – maybe ten years if current trends continue – before the blonde entity is telling us that parents and children should be “free” to choose their species.  It’s all right there in the false starting assumptions.

I often wondered what happens to a society in which the reductio ad absurdum looses all it’s force.  Well, we have a front seat to the show, and I don’t think it ends well.




Republicans and “approved” conservatives never cease to disappoint


Principled conservative, classical liberal, and libertarian voters can always count on the Republican party and respectable “conservatives” to screw them over.  From abortion, to gay “marriage”, to women in combat, to rolling back corporate welfare, to reigning in the surveillance and police state, to pursuing a just, humble and constitutional foreign policy, Republican party hacks and gelded “conservatives” always disappoint in the end.  It’s almost as if they’re there to play the Washington Generals to the Democrat Globetrotters.

The latest Republican party betrayal is health care.  Even the terms of the so-called debate that Republicans and cocktail party “conservatives” happily agree to are fixed to guarantee a neo-Marxist outcome – how is the Federal government going to provide access to insurance for more Americans (incidentally, the term “insurance” has been subtly redefined to mean corporate welfare third party entity, subject to arbitrary government regulations and quotas, rationing care and paying all medical bills as you attempt to receive care).

With debate terms like that, good luck talking about improving health care quality, access, affordability, outcomes, and prices through just market exchange, private charity, and local safety nets.

And you can always count on a National Review “conservative” to oblige his progressive masters and move the public dialogue to the hard left, all the while branding it “conservative”,

Never forget this Republican voter.  The Republicans had no problem voting to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obama would veto it.  Now, knowing President Trump will sign off on repeal, they just can’t bring themselves to vote in the exact same way.

The Washington Generals loose again.  My guess is they’ll loose the next game, too.




It’s full throttle on the sexualization of young people


The demon possessed oligarchs and their minions in the deep state, academia, politics and media are diligently paving the way for “P” ( for pedophilia/pederasty) to be appended to LGBTQ.  It’s only a question of time and tactics.  The perverts are coming after your kids, all in the name of “tolerance” of course.  And if you doubt this dear reader, be sure to read about “Teen Vogue” actively, approvingly and graphically coaching impressionable teens in anal sex,


Sick and twisted.  The right becoming wrong and the wrong becoming right.  The deliberate inversion of the good, true, and beautiful.  An all out attack against the Creator and his creatures.  That about summarizes the plot against normalcy and decency.




Objective reality and truth: a brief introduction


The problem today is the flight from reality and truth.  Indeed, most people don’t even know what objective reality and truth are.  In this short but important post, we will remedy that.

Objective reality is that which exists outside of our minds or independently of our senses and subjective thoughts.  Hence, reality exists independently of man; as a corollary, reality existed before man, can exist after man, and ultimately transcends man.

This has important implications.

Most importantly, it means humans don’t create reality, they discover reality.  Put differently, humans sense and think about reality.  As such, their subjective thoughts and ideas can correspond or fail to correspond to objective reality.

Where there is correspondence between thought and reality there is truth.  Where thought contradicts reality there is falsehood.  Hence, where mind meets reality we have truth.

In our next post we will briefly discuss how we can discover and know objective reality.

Until then, take the time to read the following two very important articles, as they nicely illustrate the current flight from reality and truth and set the stage for our next discussion.

Even more official lies from the US government, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

We’re good people, really we are, by James Howard Kunstler





David Horowitz, former leftist radical, interview on the true agenda of the Left


David Horowitz is a red diaper baby.  He was born to parents who were members of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).  Another red diaper baby is David Axelrod, President Obama’s former chief campaign strategist – but I digress.

Mr. Horowitz, raised by the Old Left, eventually became a leading theoretician, organizer and activist in the New Left, only to repudiate Leftism altogether.  For the last 35 years or so, Mr. Horowitz has been blowing the whistle on the Left.  In particular, Mr. Horowitz is warning his fellow Americans that Leftists, who have taken over the Democrat party, education system, and Hollywood, are hard core revolutionaries hell bent on destroying American order and building a communist utopia.

In brief, according to Mr. Horowitz, modern Leftists – like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama – are not liberal reformers like Martin Luther King or JFK.  Rather, they are neo-Marxist destroyers who are waging a slow motion Bolshevik revolution against all of the principles and practices characteristic of the American way – God, family, guns and country – with the fantastical dream of one day building a man made utopia on earth.

It’s the sin of immanetizing the eschaton.

This unthinking assault on Divine, natural and traditional order, coupled with human pride, is what helps to explain the terrifying headlines I daily encounter:

Womb Transplants for Gay, Transgender and Straight Men Who Want to Carry a Child?

Public library hosts children’s storytime led by drag queens dressed as nuns

PLAYING GOD: ‘End to sex’ in 30 years as parents will DESIGN their babies in the lab

Before watching the below interview with Mr. Horowitz, I would like to make a few points that may prove helpful when thinking about the interview.  First, Mr. Horowitz and his interviewer, Dr. Kengor, actually provide quite a bit of evidence implicating the financial elites or the oligarchs in the plot against right order.  Likewise, when bemoaning the constant failures of the Republican party leadership and the bias of the corporate media, they provide tantalizing clues of their direct involvement in the plot.  Mr Horowitz even gestures at the ultimate demonic origins of the plot.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t go deep enough and fails to connect the dots to reveal a more complete picture of the (stupid and doomed to fail) plot against the Creator and his creation.  Having said that the interview is an important one for it reveals – in a very accessible way from the mouth of a former revolutionary theoretician and activist – the true aims and tactics of the Left, the mind blowing success they’ve enjoyed, their cultural and political ascendancy, what the future holds should current trends continue unabated, and what can be done, on the purely human level, to try and return the country (and world) onto the path of right order.



Charlie Gard and the slippery slope


Principles have logical and practical consequences.  Good principles have good implications.  Bad principles have bad implications.  The Charlie Gard case threatens to replace a reasonable principle with a manifestly stupid one, with all that entails.

Pre-Charlie Gard common sense standard, roughly stated:

If a competent patient or rightful guardian has the means and money they should be legally permitted to pursue presumptively safe and potentially effective experimental medical procedures or therapies and/or die at a house, in hospice, or in a hospital.

Post-Charlie Gard stupid standard, roughly stated:

If a competent patient or rightful guardian has the means and money they should be legally permitted to ask Caesar for permission to pursue presumptively safe and potentially effective experimental medical procedures or therapies and/or die at a house, in hospice, or in a hospital.

Since Caesar tends to be a volatile and smug jerk with an ever evolving conception of reality, good luck predicting his mood and securing his permission when you need it.

Put differently, the post-Charlie Gard standard threatens to put us on quite the slippery slope, much like Caesar’s ever evolving “moral” sex standards used to justify sodomy, masturbation, contraception, adultery, sterilization, fornication, and the like has us snowballing our way into hell:

Normalizing incest and other perversions; it’s already happening



The Charlie Gard case revisited


The elites love to make things complicated, for that’s an important way they rationalize their intrusions into private life and drive toward totalitarian control.  But the Charlie Gard case is really quite simple.

Charlie is a sick patient, with a horrible prognosis.  Charlie’s God ordained and rightful guardians – in this case his two competent and loving parents – want Charlie to receive a presumptively safe experimental drug that probably won’t but may help Charlie.  The parents have found a doctor (and at least one hospital) that are willing to administrator the experimental drug to Charlie.  The parents, doctor, hospital, charitable donors, and the like will cover all costs associated with Charlie’s treatment; treating Charlie will not impose undue burdens an third parties.  All parties involved agree that the drug should be administered for three months, followed by a treatment decision – palliative care if the drug fails and continued administration if it works.

At this point, all sane people of good will would express themselves with one voice: “Charlie’s parents and willing doctors should be permitted to take one last shot, even if it’s a long shot, at helping Charlie.  In fact, people in a position to help Charlie – like his current doctors – should do what they can to facilitate his last hope at a treatment”.

Importantly, all of this could have been done four months ago and, had that happened, today the conversation would be about Charlie receiving ongoing treatment or about his dignified death in the loving and heroic arms of his parents.  As a side benefit, the cause of medical science would have been advanced.

So, why aren’t we having this conversation?  Why, instead, are we still talking about Charlie being denied even the possibility of receiving the experimental drug four months after he could have?

Because Caesar, arrogant bastard that he is, decided to intrude himself into a private family affair, drag things out for four months, and ultimately give little Charlie a thumbs down, all the while depicting himself as a compassionate and objective expert who only wants what’s best for Charlie and his deluded parents.

Funny how Caesar doesn’t get between parents and doctors when they are cooperating to kill unborn children.

In the end, it’s all about power – the raw exercise of total and arbitrary power over all life by Caesar and for Caesar.  It’s all about Caesar’s thumbs up or down deciding everything, from cradle to grave.

And if you doubt this, riddle me this.  Why, as of this writing, won’t Caesar and his goons let little Charlie die with dignity in his parent’s arms at home or in hospice?

It’s because Caesar is a power mad jerk.

Here’s another way to think about Caesar doing demonic evil under the guise of Godly good.

Nobody of sound heart and mind would accuse Charlie’s parents of doing anything immoral or sinful – of violating God’s common sense law – in using their own money to work with willing medical experts to give Charlie a safe but experimental drug for three months, with the understanding that Charlie should receive only palliative care should the drug be proven not work.  Put differently, nobody would dare suggest that God is in any way displeased with Charlie’s parents and that the Divine court finds them guilty of sin, let alone serious sin.

But Caesar is displeased with Charlie’s parents and has found them guilty – not of immorality or sin but of violating Caesar’s labyrinth of self-serving man made rules and regulations.

So, Caesar finds fault and punishes where God does not.  And you expect me to believe this isn’t fundamentally about the creature usurping the creator, that this isn’t about the will to power?

In closing, here we stand, four precious months now behind us.  Charlie still hasn’t received the experimental treatment he should have received four months ago and, absent a miracle, his parents are doomed the the kind of loving and compassionate closure that only Caesar and his objective, loving and expert henchman can provide.

Incidentally, here are some other recipients of Caesars compassion:  http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/MURDER.HTM

God help us all.







Babies to be made in labs


The ultimate goal of the elites is to usurp God and exercise totalitarian and “scientific” control over the creation, maintenance, and destruction of human life.  They want worker bees that will reproduce, work and die on command.  They’ve made considerable progress on all three fronts and have established moral, legal, educational and scientific precedents that all but guarantee their success – at least from a purely human perspective.  Here, a useful idiot of the elites, a Mr. Hank Greely, gives us a glimpse into the macabre future that’s planned for the sheeple,

Within 30 years we will no longer use sex to procreate, says Stanford Professor

What’s funny is Mr. Greely – useful idiot that he is – actually thinks “parents” are going to be the ones making the fundamental decisions about how many and which embryos to grow.