Babies to be made in labs


The ultimate goal of the elites is to usurp God and exercise totalitarian and “scientific” control over the creation, maintenance, and destruction of human life.  They want worker bees that will reproduce, work and die on command.  They’ve made considerable progress on all three fronts and have established moral, legal, educational and scientific precedents that all but guarantee their success – at least from a purely human perspective.  Here, a useful idiot of the elites, a Mr. Hank Greely, gives us a glimpse into the macabre future that’s planned for the sheeple,

Within 30 years we will no longer use sex to procreate, says Stanford Professor

What’s funny is Mr. Greely – useful idiot that he is – actually thinks “parents” are going to be the ones making the fundamental decisions about how many and which embryos to grow.