David Horowitz, former leftist radical, interview on the true agenda of the Left


David Horowitz is a red diaper baby.  He was born to parents who were members of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).  Another red diaper baby is David Axelrod, President Obama’s former chief campaign strategist – but I digress.

Mr. Horowitz, raised by the Old Left, eventually became a leading theoretician, organizer and activist in the New Left, only to repudiate Leftism altogether.  For the last 35 years or so, Mr. Horowitz has been blowing the whistle on the Left.  In particular, Mr. Horowitz is warning his fellow Americans that Leftists, who have taken over the Democrat party, education system, and Hollywood, are hard core revolutionaries hell bent on destroying American order and building a communist utopia.

In brief, according to Mr. Horowitz, modern Leftists – like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama – are not liberal reformers like Martin Luther King or JFK.  Rather, they are neo-Marxist destroyers who are waging a slow motion Bolshevik revolution against all of the principles and practices characteristic of the American way – God, family, guns and country – with the fantastical dream of one day building a man made utopia on earth.

It’s the sin of immanetizing the eschaton.

This unthinking assault on Divine, natural and traditional order, coupled with human pride, is what helps to explain the terrifying headlines I daily encounter:

Womb Transplants for Gay, Transgender and Straight Men Who Want to Carry a Child?

Public library hosts children’s storytime led by drag queens dressed as nuns

PLAYING GOD: ‘End to sex’ in 30 years as parents will DESIGN their babies in the lab

Before watching the below interview with Mr. Horowitz, I would like to make a few points that may prove helpful when thinking about the interview.  First, Mr. Horowitz and his interviewer, Dr. Kengor, actually provide quite a bit of evidence implicating the financial elites or the oligarchs in the plot against right order.  Likewise, when bemoaning the constant failures of the Republican party leadership and the bias of the corporate media, they provide tantalizing clues of their direct involvement in the plot.  Mr Horowitz even gestures at the ultimate demonic origins of the plot.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t go deep enough and fails to connect the dots to reveal a more complete picture of the (stupid and doomed to fail) plot against the Creator and his creation.  Having said that the interview is an important one for it reveals – in a very accessible way from the mouth of a former revolutionary theoretician and activist – the true aims and tactics of the Left, the mind blowing success they’ve enjoyed, their cultural and political ascendancy, what the future holds should current trends continue unabated, and what can be done, on the purely human level, to try and return the country (and world) onto the path of right order.