Objective reality and truth: a brief introduction


The problem today is the flight from reality and truth.  Indeed, most people don’t even know what objective reality and truth are.  In this short but important post, we will remedy that.

Objective reality is that which exists outside of our minds or independently of our senses and subjective thoughts.  Hence, reality exists independently of man; as a corollary, reality existed before man, can exist after man, and ultimately transcends man.

This has important implications.

Most importantly, it means humans don’t create reality, they discover reality.  Put differently, humans sense and think about reality.  As such, their subjective thoughts and ideas can correspond or fail to correspond to objective reality.

Where there is correspondence between thought and reality there is truth.  Where thought contradicts reality there is falsehood.  Hence, where mind meets reality we have truth.

In our next post we will briefly discuss how we can discover and know objective reality.

Until then, take the time to read the following two very important articles, as they nicely illustrate the current flight from reality and truth and set the stage for our next discussion.

Even more official lies from the US government, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

We’re good people, really we are, by James Howard Kunstler