Republicans and “approved” conservatives never cease to disappoint


Principled conservative, classical liberal, and libertarian voters can always count on the Republican party and respectable “conservatives” to screw them over.  From abortion, to gay “marriage”, to women in combat, to rolling back corporate welfare, to reigning in the surveillance and police state, to pursuing a just, humble and constitutional foreign policy, Republican party hacks and gelded “conservatives” always disappoint in the end.  It’s almost as if they’re there to play the Washington Generals to the Democrat Globetrotters.

The latest Republican party betrayal is health care.  Even the terms of the so-called debate that Republicans and cocktail party “conservatives” happily agree to are fixed to guarantee a neo-Marxist outcome – how is the Federal government going to provide access to insurance for more Americans (incidentally, the term “insurance” has been subtly redefined to mean corporate welfare third party entity, subject to arbitrary government regulations and quotas, rationing care and paying all medical bills as you attempt to receive care).

With debate terms like that, good luck talking about improving health care quality, access, affordability, outcomes, and prices through just market exchange, private charity, and local safety nets.

And you can always count on a National Review “conservative” to oblige his progressive masters and move the public dialogue to the hard left, all the while branding it “conservative”,

Never forget this Republican voter.  The Republicans had no problem voting to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obama would veto it.  Now, knowing President Trump will sign off on repeal, they just can’t bring themselves to vote in the exact same way.

The Washington Generals loose again.  My guess is they’ll loose the next game, too.