So-called progressives can’t think past their self-righteous noses


In the end you will either worship and follow the God-man or you will worship and follow the man-god.  You will die in submission to God’s reality or in rebellion against it and will be judged accordingly.  So-called progressives openly worship at the altar of the creature and are in full and manifest rebellion against the Creator.  The latest rebellion is against male and female.

Comically, neo-Marxist progressives are so unthinking in their rebellion, more rational people like Tucker Carlson have to point out the absurd implications of their false premises, obvious implications which aren’t even on the progressive radar.  That’s how smug and unthinking these people are.  They don’t even think through their own ideas.

Watch the video interview below about so-called gender fluidity and gender choice for proof of this.  Watch how the pretty, I mean ugly, I mean non-binary, woman, I mean human, I mean entity gets all confused when Tucker asks her the obvious question about extending gender choice insanity to include race,

Such an obvious corollary.  Yet it’s equally obvious she hasn’t given it a moments thought.  I guess in a progressive society we just have to wait to see how the oligarchs make things progress.

These, dear reader, are the useful idiots who are destroying natural and Godly order – and true human freedom and happiness – and paving the way for demonic and synthetic order – total human degradation and slavery.

Incidentally, it’s only a matter of time – maybe ten years if current trends continue – before the blonde entity is telling us that parents and children should be “free” to choose their species.  It’s all right there in the false starting assumptions.

I often wondered what happens to a society in which the reductio ad absurdum looses all it’s force.  Well, we have a front seat to the show, and I don’t think it ends well.