Washington run everything


Progressives – otherwise known as neo-Marxist destroyers of civilization – want Washington to run health care.  By implication, for the next 4-8 years a man they think of as a Nazi, Donald Trump, would have the power to coercively micromanage everyone’s health care, including their own.  One would think that alone would get progressives to re-think their fanatical commitment to surrendering to Washington a coercive monopoly over the entire health care system.  Unfortunately, one would be wrong.

How, then, to get progressives to think critically about Washington run health care and alternatives to it?

Maybe pointing out that Washington run health care justifies Washington run everything will get them to reconsider their assumptions.

Consider that food, water, housing, energy, transportation, and education are of more fundamental importance than health care.  Everyone of these goods is upstream from health care; everyone of them is of foundational importance.  Moreover, they include big ticket items, the potential for unexpected catastrophes, and pervasive inequalities.  Hence, if Washington run health care is justified it seems to follow that Washington run food, water, housing, energy, transportation, and education is justified as well.

Heck, it can even be convincingly argued that vacation, recreation, and leisure are more important than health care, especially since they can help keep people out of the health care system.  Hence, Washington’s control over vacation, recreation, and leisure is justified as well.

It looks like putting Washington in control over just about every meaningful area of life is justified.

But, hey, what could possibly go wrong with giving Washington, from which there is practically no appeal and no escape, final and coercive control over every important area of life?

Now, to a mind undamaged by progressive ideology, the absurd conclusion of putting Washington in charge of everything would, at the very minimum, force a critical re-examination of fundamental assumptions.  Such a mind might even take the time to actually read thinkers like Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Hooker, Burke, Madison, Acton, Von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and the like.

But the progressive mind, held captive by silly ideological slogans, doubles down and embraces absurdity.

But I suppose everything will be fine … at least until all those stupid, red state, homophobic, racist, sexist, and deplorable fascists vote the next Nazi into the White House.

Hmm … what to do?

I have the answer!  Let’s put a global government in charge of everything!

That’ll solve all our problems ….