Evangelicals to the Rescue – The Nashville Statement


It’s obvious that the main battle today is over fundamental issues of vice and virtue surrounding human life, sex, and the family.  It’s not over immigration, care for the poor, visiting prisoners, or “welcoming” public and unrepentant sinners into the Church.  Yet the bishops are obsessed with the latter and at best ignore the former.  One puzzles over their manifest unwillingness to meet, hammer out, and promulgate a document that clearly, concisely, and confidently spells out God’s plan for man, woman, and marriage, and the duty of all to honestly and humbly seek after and submit to it.

Happily, when the starters refuse to play ball, one can count on the back-ups steeping up to the plate.  With that said, I give you the Nashville Statement on the truth about God’s plan for sexuality and marriage:


It’s sad to say, but the Nashville statement can be interpreted as God willed Evangelical courage in the face of Catholic timidity.  More poignantly, it can be read as a God willed Evangelical rebuke of Catholic faithlessness and foolishness.  Then again, members of the clergy, by what they say and don’t say, are doing a pretty good job of putting their foolishness and faithlessness on display for all the world to see:






Choose life or choose death


Imagine a man and woman in a state of nature.  That is to say, imagine an adult male and female pair in a situation devoid of technology and culture.  In brief, imagine them together on a deserted island.  A moments reflection will yield four certitudes in the healthy intellect:

  1. By virtue of his reproductive system, the male is ordered toward insemination of the female; by virtue of her reproductive system, the female is ordered toward pregnancy and child birth.
  2. By virtue of her breasts, the female is ordered toward the time consuming nurture of child; by virtue of his physical strength and relative free time, the male is ordered toward the provision and protection of mother and child.
  3. By virtue of their complementary powers and perfections and the objective needs of children, the male and female pair are ordered toward the cooperative and life long raising, education and support of their male and female offspring, according to the above described pattern of nature.
  4. By virtue of their wills, the original male and female pair can choose to embrace or reject natural order.  Full rejection spells death.  Full embrace promises life, the emergence of culture, and a measure of temporal happiness.

That’s a minimal sketch of natural male and female order.  Much more could be said, but we shall rest content and briefly take up an additional question.  In particular, the question we raise: is nature’s order by design or by accident, is it cosmos or chaos?  Put simply, does it come from God?

For the purpose of this blog post, we take it as proven by philosophy and confirmed by empirical science that the order, harmony, and purposefulness of nature – and, in particular, the purposeful complexity of the male and female complementary designs – can only come from the ultimate cause commonly referred to as God.

Now, we consider some implications and associated choices.

Those who accept and rejoice in truth – who accept natural order as an expression of divine love that is “very good” – will choose obedience to nature’s design and ultimately temporal and heavenly life.  On the other hand, those who reject and hate truth – who dismiss natural order as an accident that is “very bad” – will choose disobedience to nature’s design and ultimately temporal and hellish death.

In the language of Saint Pope John Paul II, obedience and the culture of life versus disobedience and the culture of death – that’s the choice we face.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse explores much of this in the videos provided below.



Articles worth reading

Hello Folks,

Below are some articles well worth reading.

Climate science has become politicized and ideologized.  As such, it suffers from agenda driven data manipulation, study cherry picking, sloppy research, flawed reasoning, and fearmongering.  Most importantly, rigorous scientific studies that don’t fit the “climate scare narrative” are largely ignored.  Dr. Jennifer Marohasy exposes much of this in her recent blog post, Most of the Recent Warming Could be Natural.

American order – voluntary, spontaneous and organic cultural evolution within a  framework of natural and constitutional law – has been under coordinated attack for the better part of one hundred years.  Lately, the attackers are having a coming out party of sorts and boldly revealing themselves to be the unthinking commie destroyers of civilization awake people always known they are.  Two key aspects of the commie plot to destroy to control or to bring order our of chaos are to (1) erase people’s historical and moral imaginations and (2) to organize, radicalize and unleash the dumbest among us to destroy the civilization the smartest among us have helped build up.  This “revelation of the method” is explored in the following five articles,

America’s Bolshevik Wannabes, by Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo

Trump and American History Have Been Assassinated, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

How We Know the So-called Civil War Was Not Over Slavery, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

In Defense of Lee and Washington, by Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Communism: Viagra for the NY Times, by Dr. Paul Kengor

Finally, in defiance of his instincts and campaign promises, President Trump, his Presidency coming increasingly under the control of the oligarchs and deep state, is seeking to be the Raj of Afghanistan.  But how do you defeat and conquer an enemy that’s already admitted defeat, surrendered, and sought peace?  Ryan Grim takes up the question is his piece The Taliban Tried to Surrender AND The US Rebuffed Them. Now Here We Are.



Two sides of the same coin


The elites want people to believe in the false left/right paradigm – left leaning liberals, democratic socialists and progressives versus far right conservatives, fascists and Nazis.  It’s a false and pernicious dichotomy that enables a “heads I win tails I win” scenario for the elites.  Allow me to briefly explain.

In American culture and politics, there are actually two primary contending world views:

  1. Natural and Constitutional Law Right (NCLR) – those who fundamentally love, cherish and seek to preserve and reform the natural law, constitutional republic bequeathed by the Founding Fathers.  This group encompasses conservatives like Russell Kirk Pat Buchanan, classical liberals like FA Hayek, libertarians like Ron Paul, and arguably liberals like JFK and MLK.
  2. Unnatural and Unconstitutional Law Left (UULL) – those who fundamentally hate, reject and seek to destroy and overthrow the natural law, constitutional republic bequeathed by the Founding Fathers.  This group encompasses neo-conservatives like Dick Cheney and William Kristol, neo-liberals like HRC, progressives like Barack Obama, democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders, revolutionary neo-Marxists like BLM, and, paradoxically, groups like Antifa and the Nazis.

The elite proponents of the false left right paradigm would have people believe that the main fight is between enlightened progressives and ignorant Nazis.  But those two groups are actually two sides of the same coin.  Hence, no matter who wins or losses, the elites get a totalitarian synthesis and win.  That is to say both groups, while fighting over power, personalities and fine points of doctrine, are fundamentally united in their rejection of the natural law, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and their ideological embrace of totalitarian collectivism.  And that’s what the elites are aiming for – total control over the masses unconstrained by higher law.

The real world view fight, however, is between the NCLR and UULL.  Unfortunately, through their control of the MSM, the elites all but guarantee that the muddled middle – the average American voter – never hears from the voices of sanity in the NCLR.

For more, be sure to watch this video interview between Stefan Molyneux and Dinesh D’Souza:




Making babies for the global plantation


In a virtuous society, technology will tend to be put to good use.  In a wicked society, technology will tend to be put to evil use.  We live in a wicked society.  Hence, technology will tend to be put to evil use.  With that demonstration in mind, be sure to read the following two articles about the technologies and procedures that threaten to cheapen and commoditize human life:

“What kind of society do you want to live in?” Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing

Growing an entire baby from skin cells could happen in a decade, scientists say

As Huxley, Orwell, Russell, Wells and other writers have variously warned about and even called for, the day is rapidly approaching when the elites who presume to rule us will have the philosophical, political, legal, educational and technical means to assume arbitrary and totalitarian control over birth, life, and death.  Make no mistake about it, the elites are seeking after the total and unchecked power to grow, train, work, and kill humans to serve them and their selfish desires and are within striking distance of getting it.

Like cattle for the farm, ants for the anthill, and bees for the bee hive – the pieces are coming together that will allow the elites to produce, use, and discard humans at will –  and ultimately create humans for the global plantation.

Indeed, by de-sacralizing human life, deconstructing sex, separating intercourse from procreation, pathologizing pregnancy, normalizing human genetic engineering, and empowering totalitarian world government, the day may come when the “problem” of gender inequality will be “solved” by declaring  XX or XY chromosomes a genetic disorder and acting accordingly.

And, tragically, according to Huxley the techno-dictators will ultimately condition the slaves to “consent” to and even “love” their slavery:



Statues that probably won’t be torn down anytime soon


The commies are tearing down the statues of “slave holders” and “racists” like Jefferson and Lee all over the country.  With that in mind, in the USSA there are statues of “progressive friendly” murders, slave holders, and racists that probably won’t be torn down anytime soon:

Lenin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Lenin%2C_Seattle

Albert Pike: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Pike

Alexander Hamilton: statues all over the USSA.

President Lincoln: statues all over the USSA



The Red Century, as told by the NY Times


Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917.  The Bolshevik revolution was launched in 1917.

Do you think America’s so-called paper of record (The NY Times) would do a 100th anniversary series on Our Lady of Fatima and the “errors of Russia” that she warned about?


Instead, they do a 100th anniversary series that all but celebrates Communism and the legacy of the Russian Revolution – the very errors Our Lady warned us about.  If you can stomach them, you can read the articles here:


Could you imagine the NY Times running a comparable series entitled “The NAZI Century”?  Don’t make me laugh.

Anyhow, as the Times and their fellow travelers rewrite history to celebrate Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, they rewrite history to disparage Washington, Jefferson, and Lee.  It’s all about the “narrative“, and it’s quite the spectacle.

Anyhow, enjoy the show as Russia continues to spread her errors, with the full support of America’s paper of record.



Radical feminism and sexual liberation in the west – communism in slow motion


I just love it when so-called progressives and liberals publicly admit to the socialism/communism that truly inspires them and that they seek to impose, especially when it’s in the form of something like a “mainstream” NY Times article:

Look at how happy that “liberated” and “independent” woman is working as a forced laborer in total “equality” with the men who line up to screw her every night and give her the unmatched “pleasure” of an extra socialist orgasm every month!

Be sure to read the whole (very painful) article:

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism



It’s a fight to the end and Jesus demands that you pick a side


A concerned and somewhat perplexed Catholic recently shared the following email with me,

“Supposedly these authors are close to Pope Francis. I’m curious why Church leaders are so concerned with the threat from Trump, walls, and global climate change, and yet so silent when it comes to homosexual marriage and transgender issues to name a few.”

My somewhat inspired (but quick, rough and inchoate) reply is provided below:

Dear …

I am familiar with the article.  Nothing surprises me anymore, and I think we are beyond the point of rational debate and using purely natural and human means to turn things around.  It’s time to worry about and focus on our own souls and eternal destinies and those of the people we know and love.

The Church has been infiltrated by cultural Marxists and other assorted left wing revolutionaries and is being subverted from within.  The plot traces back to the Masons, Illuminati, and French Revolutionaries.  In the 19th century, an updated version of the plot called the “Permanent Instructions of the Alta Vendita” was discovered and exposed, and Pope Leo XIII told of a vision he had in which he heard God say he would give Satan 100 years of free reign to do his best to destroy the Church.  In the 1950s, one time communist Dr. Bella Dodd gave testimony to congress about the plot and revealed that one thousand revolutionaries had been placed within the hierarchy of the Church with the goal of corrupting it and tearing it down from within.  From the 1960s on, clerical apostles of the revolutionary socialist Saul Alinsky spread the contagions of error and confusion throughout the church and society at large.  Wikileaks exposed the role the Democratic party is playing in surreptitiously fomenting rebellion within the Church and advancing the plot today.  Catholic colleges and universities have officially adopted, under the guise of “social justice”, the cultural marxist agenda, with one hundred of them making a list of “gay friendly Catholic Colleges and Universities”.

None of this should be entirely surprising, as St. Paul warned of false teachers “tickling” the ears of the people (2 Timothy 4:3) and St. Matthew warned of false prophets as ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15-16).  In fact, St. Paul’s and St. Matthew’s prophetic warnings should give us comfort, as it reminds us that God is sovereign over all things.  Having said that, it’s a hard time to be a faithful Catholic or even a rational person, as today’s zeitgeist definitely weighs heavily on the rightly ordered soul.

Good is being taught as evil and evil taught as good.  The latest insanity – people being brainwashed, within an incredibly short period of time, into accepting that men are women and women are men.  It’s only a matter of time before society goes full Orwell and people are indoctrinated into confessing that 2+2=5.  Reality is under sustained and coordinated attack.

With the above in mind, it’s interesting to note that we are approaching the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.  I suspect some interesting things are going to happen.  But no matter what happens, there can be no doubt that God will continue to guide the faithful through the storm he providentially controls.

Like we were discussing yesterday, Catholicism is either the greatest story ever told or the greatest fraud in history.  The church is either the ultimate blessing from God or the vilest curse from man.  Black or white, light or dark, true or false, good or evil, beautiful or ugly.  There’s no middle ground.  That’s why Jesus puts the question of his divinity to everyone (Mark 8:29), challenges everyone to pick a side and act accordingly (Matthew 10:35, Luke 11:23, and Matthew 7:13), and warns of vomiting out the lukewarm (Revelation 3:16).

Cafeteria Catholicism is incoherent and damnable.  The battle among the visible and invisible (Ephesians 6:12) is raging, and it’s time to pick aside and join the fight.

As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15), with supreme confidence that Jesus defeated death on the cross (2 Timothy 1:10), that the gates of hell will never prevail against the rock that is His Church (Matthew 16:18), and that Jesus will preside over the final harvest (Matthew 13 36:43).



Selected sources:

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