Like Trump said, we’re being plundered by the elite


In 1989 I knew a 50 year old senior engineer who earned about $89,000 per year.  His salary supported a family of four in a custom built home, in an expensive town, in an expensive state.  His oppressed wife pursued an education and career at her leisure to make extra spending money.  Of particular importance, his gross monthly income was about 10x his mortgage payment (house built in 1976).

By way of comparison, a senior engineer today (2017) would be lucky if he made $160,000 per year.  That’s about $13,000 per month.  The lowest mortgage payment for a similar custom built home in the same town would be about $2,900 per month (house built in 2004).  That means our 2017 senior engineer’s gross monthly salary would be about 4.5x his mortgage payment.  Not surprisingly, his liberated and empowered wife – hyphenated name an all –  has no choice but to work.

A friend tells me that he knew an electrician who lived in the same expensive town at the same time who also brought in a salary that was about 10x his mortgage payment.  His poor oppressed wife also worked at her leisure.

By any reasonable measure, today’s workers are more productive than the workers of the 1989.  According to standard economic theory, productivity increases should translate into the basic necessities of life being more affordable, not less affordable.

Something gives.  What is it?

The short story is we’re being plundered by a predatory elite.  They’re basically stealing from us through currency manipulation, fiscal and regulatory machinations, insider deals, globalist trade policies, and corporate welfare.  They’re masters at robbing us blind for our own alleged good.  For details, take the time to study thinkers such as Dr. Ron Paul, Dr, Murray Rothbard, G. Edward Griffin, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Thomas Woods, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Peter Schiff, and Dr. Robert P. Murphy.

Trump spoke about this during the election and that’s one of the main reasons folks voted for him,

It’s also one of the main reasons the elites are out to get him.

Time will tell ……