Republicans, Democrats and the MSM can agree quickly and quietly when it comes to war


Predictably, after a long, public and MSM managed discussion the idiot Republican party just couldn’t muster the votes to repeal Obama care, and the evil Democratic party just couldn’t figure out a way to compromise.  Rather, John McCain, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, like Ted Kennedy before him, cast the deciding vote to save Obama care, in dramatic fashion.

Hence, the country takes another giant step in the direction of centralized and arbitrary command and control –  the essence of the new world order – and the Devil once again proves he’s a great stage director.

But the Republican party has no problem mustering votes when it comes to passing unilateral acts of war.  Indeed, with no public debate and under cover of a near total MSM blackout, the Republicans just voted overwhelmingly for sanctions against Russia.  And unlike the case with health care, the Democrats had no problem coming on board in just as decisive a fashion.

Hence, the country takes another giant step in the direction of war with Russia and the new world order, and the Devil once again proves he’s sly as a fox.

Not surprisingly, the MSM has also failed to seriously cover other acts of brutality committed by the US and its vassals:

The most under-reported world stories so far this year, by Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Somewhat surprisingly, President Trump was quick to sign and accept the sanctions bill, despite the total collapse of the “Russians hacked our democracy” nonsense – something the MSM refuses to seriously cover:

See American Pravda (parts 1, 2, and 3), by Project Veritas

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: FBI Report Shows It Was Seth Rich – Not Russians – Who Gave DNC Emails to Wikileaks

Has Seymour Hersh debunked ‘Russia-gate’, by Justin Raimondo

Hence, It looks as if the Trump peace and nationalist agenda, if it ever existed, is effectively dead.

It might be time to start getting ready for war:

Trump will now become the war president, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts