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Below are some articles well worth reading.

Climate science has become politicized and ideologized.  As such, it suffers from agenda driven data manipulation, study cherry picking, sloppy research, flawed reasoning, and fearmongering.  Most importantly, rigorous scientific studies that don’t fit the “climate scare narrative” are largely ignored.  Dr. Jennifer Marohasy exposes much of this in her recent blog post, Most of the Recent Warming Could be Natural.

American order – voluntary, spontaneous and organic cultural evolution within a  framework of natural and constitutional law – has been under coordinated attack for the better part of one hundred years.  Lately, the attackers are having a coming out party of sorts and boldly revealing themselves to be the unthinking commie destroyers of civilization awake people always known they are.  Two key aspects of the commie plot to destroy to control or to bring order our of chaos are to (1) erase people’s historical and moral imaginations and (2) to organize, radicalize and unleash the dumbest among us to destroy the civilization the smartest among us have helped build up.  This “revelation of the method” is explored in the following five articles,

America’s Bolshevik Wannabes, by Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo

Trump and American History Have Been Assassinated, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

How We Know the So-called Civil War Was Not Over Slavery, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

In Defense of Lee and Washington, by Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Communism: Viagra for the NY Times, by Dr. Paul Kengor

Finally, in defiance of his instincts and campaign promises, President Trump, his Presidency coming increasingly under the control of the oligarchs and deep state, is seeking to be the Raj of Afghanistan.  But how do you defeat and conquer an enemy that’s already admitted defeat, surrendered, and sought peace?  Ryan Grim takes up the question is his piece The Taliban Tried to Surrender AND The US Rebuffed Them. Now Here We Are.