Bullsh*t ‘Russian Collusion’ Narrative Collapses


Paul Joseph Watson’s take on the collapse of the “Russian Collusion” narrative is well worth watching,




The Triumph of the Will Over Math


Bertrand Russell let us in on the plan:

It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship. Anaxagoras maintained that snow is black, but no one believed him. The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black.

-Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society

The contest, then, is always between God and man, between Christ and Caesar, between objective reality and subjective will.  Put simply, the contest is between those who seek to discover and conform to reality versus those who seek to define and impose it.

The new world order oligarchs and their minions want total power and control over the hearts and minds of men.  They want men – all men – to submit to their arbitrary will in all things.  They want to define reality.  Their basic program is to convince everyone that reality is whatever man says it is, that reality is a competition of human wills.  At that point they – the strong – will endeavor to impose their subjective vision of reality onto the rest of us – the weak.  It’s might makes right on steroids.

The oligarchs and their minions have enjoyed spectacular success undermining the the true, the good and the beautiful in the arts and humanities.  Today, the true, the good, and the beautiful – at least in the minds of men – are whatever the oligarchs want them to be.  Hence, against all facts and logic, the masses have been conditioned to believe in an inverted reality – that the western canon is about oppression, that sodomy is good, and that twisted hunks of metal are beautiful.  In arguably the greatest triumph of will in history, the oligarchs have even managed to redefine marriage.

In the last few years they’ve moved aggressively to relativize and subjectify science and make it a matter of will.  The so-called global warming debate illustrates this nicely – with the oligarchs and their minions as steadfast in invoking a subjective and manufactured  “expert consensus” to “prove” their case as they are in avoiding and suppressing the objective facts of climate science that disprove it.  Their success has even been more amazing in the arena of biology.  In only a few short years, and in contradiction to all the facts of biology, they’ve actually got folks all twisted up in mental pretzels thinking that boys are girls and girls are boys, that a man can win woman of the year, and that women can impregnate men.

But math, so obvious in its truth, is off limits – at least that’s what naive conservatives and other innocent people of sound mind think.  Tragically, that’s not the case.  The oligarchs and their minions – perhaps as the ultimate triumph of the will – want to define and impose their own mathematical reality as well.  And professor Rochelle Gutierrez – with her claim that math is about white privilege – is more than happy to help them:


Ultimately, as Orwell warned us, the oligarchs want the power to declare that 2+2 = 5 or whatever they say it is and impose it on us all:

Basically, the oligarchs are engaging in a huge mind f**k that they hope will give them god-like power and control over their fellow man.  Happily, Christ has another plan, one that doesn’t end well for unrepentant aspirants to the imperial purple.




What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas


Tucker Carlson of Fox News is still covering the Las Vegas shooting,

On the other hand, the rest of the idiots in the MSM and political class have – quite suspiciously – dropped the Las Vegas shooting and their inane calls for gun control like a hot potato.

Inquiring minds want to know: why would they do such a thing, especially given their collective lust to seize arbitrary control over all guns?

I suspect it’s because their “investigation” has been totally compromised and their cooked-up narrative has totally fallen apart due to such absurdities as: (1) press conferences being given by a visibly nervous sheriff; (2) embarrassing timeline discrepancies and revisions; (3) confirmed reports of unilaterally wiping eyewitness cell phone videos and pictures clean; (4) allowing a break-in into Stephen Paddock’s house; (5) refusing to fully share the mystery note found in Paddock’s hotel room; (6) refusing to share any meaningful video footage of Paddock; (7) preventing serious reporters, like Laura Loomer, from being present and asking questions at press conferences; (8) and the strange disappearance and reappearance of Jesse Campos –  and his 8:00 minute long interview with MGM connected Ellen DeGeneres, where she all but announced the death of the narrative by ending the interview with the bizarre comment that Jesse would never tell his story again.

Moreover, the lone gunman narrative has crumbled by an emerging expert consensus – based on careful analyses of video and audio footage – that at least one belt-fed weapon was used and that at least two shooters were firing.

But arguably the biggest killer of the elite manufactured, gun-confiscation enabling “lone wolf” narrative is the avalanche of testimony from honest, intelligent, reliable and independent civilian and police eye-witnesses that there were multiple shooters at multiple locations:

Finally, something tells me the FBI and Las Vegas Police won’t be sharing their own audio, video, ballistic, forensic, and medical and autopsy reports any time soon.

The good news is that, by all appearances, the narrative is dead and with it the elite gun control agenda.  Both were killed by the rapid, internet mediated communication of facts and logic by honest folk who only want the truth.

The bad news is that a real investigation will probably never get done and we’ll probably never get to the truth of what happened.

I suppose what happens in Vegas is destined to stay in Vegas.



Netflix Wants to Corrupt Your Children


The people who presume to rule us and shape our culture are sexual perverts and freaks who are systematically initiating us into their sex cult.  Well known deviants like Harvey Weinstein, Hugh Heffner, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Dennis Hastert, Tom Foley, Jacob Schwartz, Ed Murray, Larry Craig, Anthony Weiner, Victor Salva, and Roman Polanski are only the tip of the iceberg.  This helps to explain (the otherwise hard to explain) rapid and near complete success of the sexual revolution, recently culminating in so-called homosexual marriage.  But the public celebration of homosexual sodomy is not the end of the sexual revolution.  No, the freaks have bigger plans, plans that include the sexualization of children and their eventual absorption into the sex cult.  For the latest evidence of this, I give you Netflix’s new show “Big Mouth”,

Sick. Netflix is openly waging war against the purity, innocence and virtue of children.  You can learn more about the filthy agenda of the creeps at Netflix by reading the below articles.






Does Forensic Acoustic Analysis Prove There Was a Second Shooter?


Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, has produced a video report on his forensic acoustic analysis of the Las Vegas shooting.  To make a long story short, based on the analysis he concludes that there had to have been a second shooter.  It’ll be interesting to see if other acoustic analyses tend to confirm or dis-confirm Mr. Adams’ analysis.  Moreover, it’ll be interesting to see how the nincompoops in the MSM respond and how the FBI and law enforcement authorities respond, especially given how they’ve been forced to revise their self-serving timeline to reflect the reality – uncovered by the alternative media –  that Paddock checked in before September 28th and shot the security guard before firing on the concert crowd.  Anyhow, be sure to watch The Health Ranger’s presentation for yourself:

For more expert analysis on the Las Vegas massacre, be sure to listen to the below interviews with former Army Intelligence officer James Wesley Rawles and former SEAL Craig Sawyers:

Whatever you think of the above videos one thing you can take to the bank is that the FBI and MSM are not telling you the truth and don’t care about the truth.  All they care about is building up their privilege, prestige and power.



The First Las Vegas Lie Publicly Exposed


As reported here the other day, the official timeline for Stephen Paddock is false and a lie (the notion that the authorities made an honest “mistake” is laughably stupid).  He checked in on September 25th, not September 28th.  This lie would not have been exposed but for the intrepid efforts of the alternative media, as the bozos in the MSM can be counted on to only ask approved questions and regurgitate approved talking points.  Indeed, if not for the alternative media the official check-in time would have been tightly woven into the approved narrative and eventually taught in government run high school history classes.  Anyhow, here’s video of the authorities being forced by investigative journalists from the real media into admitting that Paddock checked in on September 25th,

This is progress.  But the bigger question remains: why did the FBI and authorities lie about Paddock’s check-in time, and why do they refuse to seriously address the apparent fact that he had a guest?  Let’s hope the alternative media can get to the bottom of that.

Finally, inquiring minds want to know: what else are the FBI and authorities lying about?





Have the Authorities Been Caught in a Direct Lie About the Las Vegas Shooting?


According to law enforcement authorities and the FBI, Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay alone on September 28th.  But a growing body of evidence – specifically, valet entries and a room service receipt –  indicates that he checked in as early as September 25th and that he had a guest,


I wonder what else the authorities and FBI are lying about?  Anyhow, why would authorities hide the three day discrepancy and evidence of a guest?  Maybe it’s because there was more than one shooter and that (for some reason) is a problem for the folks running things.  Regarding that possibility, the MSM and authorities are doing their best to suppress it in the minds of the masses – mostly through lies of omission – but eyewitness testimony and other evidence about multiple shooters continues to spill out.  The latest eye witness report about multiple shooters comes from a young man named Gio Rios,



In closing, the evidence continues to mount that something smells about the Las Vegas shooting and that the authorities and MSM are lying to us by commission and omission – presumably in an effort to push and cement in the minds of the masses an approved (and self-serving) narrative about what happened on that tragic day.

Incidentally, I was quite surprised at the rotundity of the Hawaiian news team.  Apparently,  body standards for news anchors and reporters are markedly different in Hawaii.



How the MSM is Attempting to Conceal Reality and Get us to Uncritically Accept the Lone Wolf Shooting “Narrative”


Rocky Palermo was wounded during the Las Vegas shooting.  Erin Burnett of CNN interviewed him,


Basically, she gave a standard MSM emotion laden interview designed to tug at heart strings, manipulate people’s feelings, and distract folks away from thinking critically.  Put simply, Ms. Erin Burnett didn’t ask Mr. Palermo serious questions about the shooting.  I wonder why?  Maybe it’s because if she did CNN’s viewing audience would have been shocked into some serious thinking after hearing him say there were multiple shooters,


Boy would his testimony have upset the approved “lone wolf” narrative which hardened into place within a couple of hours after the shooting.  Nothing to see here CNN viewers.  Move along.  The problem for CNN and the rest of the morons who pretend to be journalists is that in the age of electronic gizmos and gadgets, people’s testimony has a way of breaking free:

Eye Witness At Las Vegas Shooting States “There Were 7 Confirmed Shooters”

Exclusive: Eye-Witness Goes Against The Official Las Vegas Story

Vegas Shooting Survivor Witnessed Two Gunmen Slaughtering Innocents

Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel Guests And Staff Confirm Multiple Shooters

What’s truly maddening is that instead of using their vast resources to do a systematic and independent investigation into what happened in Las Vegas – an investigation that would include serious interviews with eyewitnesses, casino staff, first responders, medical staff and various weapons, audio and forensic science experts – we get puff interviews and hastily written and logically fallacious articles designed to squelch all critical debate and discussion,

If only Linda Qiu would put on her thinking cap and do some serious research and investigating before telling us all that there’s “nothing to see here; move along ….”  But if she did that, she probably wouldn’t be working at the paper of record much longer.

The narrative comes first.  Then we cherry pick some facts to fit it.  Then we marginalize and mock anyone who asks questions.  Then we slowly tell some truth decades later. That’s the MSM modus operandi in a nutshell, and it’s on full display with the Las Vegas shooting.

I only hope I live long enough to see the multi-million dollar Ken Burn Jr. PBS documentary that finally tells us it’s okay to think there was more than one Las Vegas shooter.